what leah wore

What Leah wore: Why are there so many shoes in here?



Oh look! A post that isn’t about t shirts!
I just wanted to show off ONE of my pairs of Marvel shoes. I also have a pair of vans with a Marvel comic print, but these, these are my special shoes because I bought them on a random trip to Cardiff.



I wore my vans to see Captain America: Winter Soldier, so I feel like these need to be worn for Spider Man 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and the second X Men prequel.
Wednesdays are usually orange wednesdays for me because I have friends who are on orange and like to take me to the cinema, but this Wednesday, was the seasonal Wunderbar music quiz, so I went to that instead! You guys, the Wunderbar quiz is literally the only quiz I ever do well in, except this time. THIRD PLACE. Rubbish. Anyone able to recommend some good super hero stories? That’ll cheer me up!

Shoes – Disney store



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