what leah wore

What Leah wore: Saving the universe from seven evil exes



Sometimes, the need for fandom cross overs is too great, which is why I love it when shirts like this become available to buy:


This is my doctor versus the universe shirt which incorporates two of my favourite things, Scott Pilgrim and the RTD era of Doctor Who!
If you’re wondering what this post is about, wonder no longer, occasionally, I wear a geeky t shirt and sometimes, if wearing them hasn’t resulted in people saying either this:
castiel doesnt understand

Or this:
I post them on here for the internet to enjoy. Don’t worry though, my attempts at fashion posts are very sporadic.

I am travelling to Bournemouth today, I went to uni there and I haven’t been back since graduation, I don’t think any of my old course mates are still in town, but I’m going to be there for an entirely unacademic reason, I am reliving my adolescence by going to a McBusted gig!! Guys, I am so excited! I feel like I’m fourteen all over again! I think the McFly fandom refer to themselves as Galaxy Defenders, which is why this is such a good choice of shirt for the gig! No doubt you’ll see a picture from this miraculous, life affirming moment in my next 365 post, but either way, I’ll be back with a hopefully less boring and more bookish post soon!

T shirt – qwertee.



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