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Versatile Blogger award!!

I always feel like a massive boasty douche whenever I make a post like this, but I’ve been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award! While talking about that and accepting an award always makes me feel like a bit of a douche, it does mean that I get to talk about and nominate some of my favourite bloggers, so swings and roundabouts I guess!

Firstly, let’s link back to the person that nominated me, that would be Morgan! Thank you!!

Secondly, we’ll nominate a bunch of bloggers that, so here we go!

Books on the tube
Books of a blogaholic
A wordless blogger
Vegan friendly finds
Every word handwritten
Perpetual page turner
Bloody Brilliant Books
Alice in Readerland
Lottie’s little kitchen

made of awesome

And thirdly, list seven facts about yourself! (Whenever I write the words: seven things I, it always makes me think about that Miley Cyrus song, although, these aren’t things that I hate about anyone.)

1) I write for a living. You might not realise this based on some of my lazy grammar that gets displayed on this blog. I’m actually a reporter at a local paper, but my goal is to be a novelist one day, like a properly published one. I tend to publish a lot of fiction online and have one book out in paperback (from Amazon) as you can see here:
82cbd7f2b8119a65e4745193c06efa08But I really, really, really want to be able to walk into a book shop one day and see a little display table of things with my name on. So, if any of ya’ll know any publishers and can make that happen for me, that would be awesomesauce with a side helping of amazeballs.
Though I promise my prose is much more  articulate than that usually. Honest.

2) I LOVE languages. I’m currently in the process of learning Italian – though it isn’t going all that well for me – and after my recent trip to France where very few people spoke English, I’ve been brushing up on my French and I’m planning a trip to Germany and I’m very excited to chat away in German while I’m there! I’ve decided to learn Enochian too. Just because everything is funnier in Enochian. I want to learn circular Gallifreayan too.

3) I live for pop culture references. Honestly, in day to day life, pretty much everything I say/wear/do is some kind of reference to some fandom or another that I’m in. I love the smug little feeling I get when I see someone wearing a geeky t shirt or making a star wars reference. Another of my dreams is o solo someone!

4) I am desperately awaiting the arrival of a Castiel pop vinyl so I can make many, many Destiel vines. OTP5EVA.

5) I’ve been doing a 365 project this year because although I love photographs, I never actually manage to take them, I’ve been finding it very difficult so far, like, how many photos of my lunch and my shoes can I really take? But I am enjoying it and I’m loving the challenge.

6) I may have just bankrupted myself buying a new car. My current car is 12 years old this year and although it’s served me well, it is beginning to show signs of old age. So, I am now awaiting the delivery of my new car!

7) I don’t know about you, but I miss being 22.

So there you have it, seven pointless facts, many gifs, some shameless self promotion and a tonne of awesome people for you to check out!
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