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365 month 4!

Well, here we are, the fourth installment of my 365 project. Last month I found that I was taking pictures of my shoes at the end of the day because absolutely nothing had grasped me, this month, I seem to have substituted shoes for cats, but at least my cats are mildly interesting.
I think this might be one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, mostly because I’m trying so hard to make a picture look good and I think, now, finally, after four months of taking a photo every day, trying to frame it right and looking at different ways to use light and shading, I’ve realised that those aren’t the things that make photos so magical, it’s the fact that they can be a little dark or a little blurry or a little dull. Life itself isn’t perfect, so your mementos of it shouldn’t be either. Now that this has firmly cemented itself in my brain, I think going on into month five and then onwards to month twelve and the end of this one photo every day thing, I’ll be able to stop worrying so much and just enjoy taking the picture. The reason I started this project in the first place was because I wanted to get better at taking pictures and I wanted to use the cameras I had at my disposal, one of my greatest fears is not being able to remember stuff, which is why I love pictures so much, you don’t have to store the event in your brain, you can look at it in an album or on your wall and the less I focus on making the picture look perfect, the more I can focus on enjoying taking the picture in the first place. Already I think I’m enjoying photography more and I’m taking photos all the time now! Towards the end of the month, I was having to pick something from a range I’d taken that day!
So, yes, 365, I’m sure you’re very boring to the rest of the world, but I’m starting to really like you.
Anyway, without much further ado, here is this month’s collection of photos.

Like I said, I know some of these pictures are dull and I am still on a learning curve with this, next month I aim to use the okdothis app much, much more for inspiration, when you’re not a particularly visual person it is difficult to think, oh, that’s a nice image, I’ll take a photo of that! This month I tried to have a bit more fun with pictures, hence why you have a photo of a screen showing an episode of glee and many, many photos of my cats being ridiculous! I’ve noticed that I’ve used my iphone a lot for pictures this month which has been terribly lazy of me, I hope to kick this habit for next time!
If you’re doing a 365, please point me in the direction of your posts, I would love to see what you’ve been coming up with to learn a bit from you!


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