what leah wore

What Leah wore: Stuff and things.



Yes, it’s that time again.
For those of you who have just stumbled on this blog, hello, my name is Leah. I like books, cake, geeky stuff and printed t shirts. I blog about all three, you’ve just happened to turn up while I’m pretending to be a fashion blog!

When I first bought this walking dead shirt, I didn’t actually know what the walking dead was, I just really liked the fact that there were zombies and a disney print. In fact, I didn’t get the reference until I was in Tesco looking for guinea pig food and someone told me my shirt was genius and that they loved the Walking Dead, so I ended up buying series one and borrowing the graphic novel and falling a little bit in love with it. My computer at work has a folder full of miscellaneous files that is called Rick aka stuff and things. Just to pay homage to the show. (I also have a folder on my desk top called ‘Its funnier in Enochian’, but that’s another story.)
Anyway, I wore this shirt. My friend and I decided to travel into Bristol to visit our local Forbidden Planet store because she wanted an Agent Coulson pop vinyl and I wanted a Spider Man and a Sam Winchester pop vinyl. I used to collect disney vinylmations, but they don’t seem to do those in this country any more, so I’ve moved on to pop vinyls. Anyway, long story short, we drove the hour into Bristol, walked along Park Street, which is the steepest hill in the known universe against the strongest wind we’ve had for MONTHS only to find that the only Marvel vinyls they had were Logan and the Thing and they didn’t have any Supernatural ones at all. Neither did they have any Star Wars ones. Because I’d have totally bought Han Solo if he’d been there. First World Problems. I have them.

I hadn’t been to Bristol for a really long time, I usually end up going into Bath instead if I need to go to town because it’s much closer, I never used to like Bristol, but recently, I’ve been exploring different bits and I’m actually starting to love it. It’s  a city that seems to be emerging with different cultures, I’d like to find some books based in Bristol, just to see if there are different ways for me to imagine the city. So, if you can think of any, I’d be glad of your recommendations!

The pair of us ended up walking all the way back down the hill and going to Fopp instead, where we spent all our money on dvds instead. I guess the moral of the story is, regardless of how cool your t shirt is, you still won’t find what you’re looking for if you go into town specifically for something.
I know you are all dying to know if we managed to resolve our pop vinyl issue, I’m happy to say that we did! They now sell them at zavvi so they are winging their way too us.
All’s well that ends well I guess.

T shirt – Qwertee.



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