Great Bookish Bakeoff

Great Bookish Bakeoff – Mars Bar Cheesecake


The cakes I bake and the books I read whilst making them. 

Hello chaps, chapettes and all non binary genders that may read this and think, gosh, I like Mars Bars and Cheesecake! Perhaps, you’re like me and can’t eat mars bars or cheesecake without risking your stomach complaining at you for HOURS afterwards, but are still interested in the general well-being of both mars bars and cheesecake, or maybe, as it’s a bank holiday, you’re just thinking, what can I do with myself today, perhaps I’ll learn how to make a cheese cake. Either way, I hope you enjoy this retro post of mine, I’m searching through various recipes at the moment so I can create cakes for the monthly fund raising cake sale for my boss’s China Trek, (she’s walking the great wall of China in aid of our local cancer centre) and when I was flicking through my book of recipes, I found this one and realised I’d never shared it with anyone before. I made this back in a time when I could eat cheesecake without feeling ill after, hopefully, you guys will get more enjoyment out of it than I will!
Usually when I do this feature, I tell you all about whatever book I happened to be reading at the same time, obviously, I made this forever ago and can’t remember what I was working through at the time, so instead I’ll tell you about what I’m reading right this second, which actually happens to be two very different things. Firstly, my friend, Rebecca’s, steam punk novel which is all kinds of incredible (I have been promised Destiel fan fic if I give her pointers) and Its Kind of a Funny Story, which I have been waiting to read for ages.

Anyway, to the kitchen!
This recipe was a bit of a cheat, if I remember rightly, had a craving for cheese cake. So, I took a trip to the super market to buy cheese cake, only, I didn’t have enough money to buy a cheese cake and I would have had to have re mortgaged the house to be able to buy a pot of Philidelphia and a pack of biscuits, so I ended up grabbing a box of cheesecake mixture because that was only 80p. It did manage to make a pretty mean cheesecake though, so all was well and this is how it was done:


 Things you will need: 
A box of cheese cake mixture (I used Greens Original Cheesecake Mix)
Some butter
Some semi skimmed milk
A round tin
Some tin foil
I added in Mars bars so you will also need a blender of some kind and of course, the book of your choice.
There are of course instructions on the box, but this was a great thing to make whilst reading because there was a lot of waiting around.

Firstly, the base. The box contains biscuity bits, all you have to do is add melted butter. I did mine in the microwave because I’m incredibly lazy. You have to add the biscuits to the melted butter and stir it all up until it gets thick, this then needs to coat the bottom of your tin. I put tin foil over the base of my tin so I wouldn’t end up with bits of biscuit stuck to it, nothing worse than biscuits stuck to your bottom. The base then needs to be refrigerated, so of course, you can do a bit of reading whilst that’s doing.
When you’re at a convenient point in the book,  headback to the cheese cake. When the base looked fairly ready I made a start on the actual cheesecake mixture. According to the instructions on the box, the powder needed to be added to milk and whisked, I used my trusty blender because I was sticking half a Mars Bar in mine as well. I did cut the half a Mars Bar up before I put it in, just in case. Once that was all blended together and looking as thick as it could be, it had to be poured over the biscuit base and stuck in the fridge, I used the last of my Mars Bar to decorate and stuck it back in the fridge, which leaves you with another few hours with your book while it sets.

The only real problem with this baking exercise was that by the time the cheese cake is ready, you probably won’t really fancy it any more. But it tasted nice enough and it did give me several hours of reading time under my belt. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and have a few quid to your name and would rather make a cheesecake from scratch, I did that very thing once, the recipe can be found here. Of course, the box mixture is easier and takes less time, but the made from scratch stuff tastes a bit better.




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