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I never know how to respond to compliments. I’m better at responding to criticism. If someone tells me they don’t like something about me, or something I’ve done, I can accept that and work on it, but I never know how to deal with compliments. If someone tells me they like something about me I never know what to do with it. Which is why, whenever I get one of these blog awards I sort of falter a little and never know what to write.



I was nominated for the very inspiring blogger award by Nicole!
Thank you so much for this! I can’t believe you think my blog is inspiring, especially compared to how beautiful yours is!
I find inspiration in a lot of things, so I am grateful that you consider me inspiring and the fact that you’ve given me an excuse to talk about some of my inspirations.

  1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Well, one, done!  Two…. Also done! Three… Oh man, this is the difficult bit!

  1. I am 4 feet and 11 inches tall
  2. I am still a little bit amazed that people like to read the ramblings that I post on here!
  3. There is an anonymous person that ships me and my friend Pete that likes to post questions about us to my tumblr.
  4. I have just started watching Game of Thrones and I’m in love with both Jon Snow and Khaleesi. Is that weird?
  5.  I am a twitter addict. Seriously. I need help. I’ve even started thinking in 140 characters.
  6. My favourite thing to eat is ice cream, even though I am lactose intolerant. It really rather sucks.
  7. I’ve just started writing my eighth book, I’m planning to kill off my main character already, I feel like Joss Whedon 🙂

Four is to nominate fifteen other inspiration bloggers. Well… Ok then!

  1. Vegan Friendly Finds – George posts recipes and vegan related issues, as someone who can’t eat dairy, I find some of the things she posts to be very  inspirational!
  2. Lactose Free Laura – Aside from being an amazing artist and my go to girl for cover illustrations, Laura also can’t have dairy so her recipes are awesome.
  3. Books on the Tube – Kathy reads books on the tube and has challenged herself to read a book from every country across the globe!
  4. A Wordless Blogger – Emma posts just about everything you could want and manages to run the book notes project too!
  5. The Perpetual Pageturner– Jamie does the end of year book survey amongst other things
  6. Becky’s Blog – I love Becky’s blog, she always manages to pick out the best quotes from my favourite books
  7. Roxeterawr – Rosie looks incredible and she likes to post outfit posts, I have clothes envy every time she does!
  8. Every Word Handwritten – Another Rosie, this one posts wonderful photographs and goes on holiday a lot and looks fabulous doing it.
  9. The Magpie Girl – Vicki’s blog is beautiful and I’m jealous of how nice it looks!
  10. Girl Next Door Fashion – Charlotte is another fashion blogger, I only wish I had half her style.
  11. Lottie’s Little Kitchen – Lottie’s recipes make my mouth water.
  12. The Dainty Squid – Kaylah’s hair is amazing, that’s inspiring enough.
  13. Sprinkle of Glitter– Louise is so funny and beautiful and her blog looks lovely!
  14. Bloody Brilliant Books – does what it says on the tin
  15. Nicolenonchaire – Nicole nominated me, she speaks about a dozen languages and her posts are awesome!

Wow, looks like I’ve managed to do number five too!
Go me!




12 thoughts on “Inspiring bloggers”

  1. I didn’t use to know anyone else who couldn’t have milk. It seems like all if a sudden nobody else can have it either. I’m kind of glad though because people share their recipes. I’m glad you shared that blog! What’s your favourite milk free recipe?

    1. Yeah I’ve noticed an increase in anti dairy people too, I’ve never had a good relationship with dairy stuff, but I’ve been advised not to eat it any more, so I’ve been trying to avoid it! I’m quite bad at sharing dairy free recipes, I make a lot of cakes and though I used milk free products where I can, I don’t always mention that I’ve substituted stuff when I do a recipe post. Laura’s blog is great for that though, she does proper substitutions! I always just use stork because its made of vegetable fat rather than dairy and I’ve started using marshmallow fluff to make icing!
      My favourite lactose free thing I’ve made have been these https://ermergerdwerds.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/great-bookish-bakeoff-marshmallow-fluff-sugar-cookies/ I used dairy free butter and marshmallow fluff for the icing and they tasted amazing! I used to live with a vegan and so I can attest to the dairy freeness of some stork products! If you know of any good lactose free recipes, I’d love to see some!

      1. Marshmallow fluff icing sounds fantastic! Why haven’t I ever had it?! Our grocery stores around here just started carrying a line of milk free cheese. Guess how excited I was? It’s not quite the same but it’s still good when it’s cooked in things. I’m still trying to find a substitute for milk in my cereals and stuff. Soy and almond milk just aren’t the same. 😦 glad there’s someone that I can relate to!

      2. It tastes amazing! You need to add a bit of non dairy butter to get the consistency right I find, but its so much better than actual butter cream! I’ve not found dairy free cheese yet, but soya ice cream is pretty special! I’m one of those weirdos that eats dry cereal, so I’m not much help on the almond/soy milk front I’m afraid!

  2. Shucks, thanks for saying my blog is beautiful (: haha I do kinda speak uptillion languages… only two fluently, (read and write) the rest are all in little bits that I understand or speak or etc. Dora and Boots has it’s benefits, you understand. I’m so glad you find me inspiration! Merci for the back-nomination! (P.S. I’d love to read some of your stuff.)

    1. I wish I spoke more than one language fluently! I’m conversational in German and can do a bit of Italian and French, but I’m pretty hopeless with languages other than that! Your blog is all kinds of pretty! I live the theme you have on it! I’m not technically minded enough to play around with themes though! If you wanted to read some of my stuff, there’s a link on the side bar to something I have for sale, or if you go to leahsmith.webs.com/my-books I have free downloads 🙂 would be nice to get some feedback!

      1. Awesome! I just read the Kitchen one, it’s absolutely hilarious. I love the idea, too, of the poor food trying to hide in the cupboard. You could even do a horror writing of that. It’s be terrible, I’d feel so sorry for the food :p I loved the pea mayor.
        “all kinda of pretty” MERCI! 😀 I love prettiness. I’m fluent in English and French, then I speak a lot of french and obviously read it well, ukranian I understand and can read, although not somuch with talking, and spanish is a basic knowledge. (: I would love to learn Italian tho.
        K I’ll feedback!

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