what leah wore

What Leah Wore – Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!


The weekend held two very important anniversaries. The first was the anniversary of the D Day landings, to which the majority of the world can owe it’s freedom. Unfortunately, I don’t own any clothing that in anyway makes a reference to D Day, so for the purposes of this post, we’ll have to talk about the other great anniversary, the 30th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters, perhaps one of the greatest films ever made.



I didn’t actually get to wear this on the actual anniversary, you see, the past few days have been all kinds of cray cray.
Saturday, when I fully intended to sit down and watch Ghostbusters, I didn’t actually get near a television til really late. Here’s what went down. I finished my radio show and weekly therapy session with Helmore and he offered me a lift home. The two of us step out into the sunshine, only to see our Croydon based buddy, Max, walking towards us, on her way to the radio station in order to say hi! So, the three of us decided to pile into Helmore’s car and go for a drive around the country side in search of beer gardens. We found a beer garden in which the bar keeper was accidentally offended, many cute puppies were in danger of being stolen and a sheep race was occurring. This then led us to decide that ice cream was on the cards, so we drove over to Cheddar where we got ice cream, got involved in some mild rule breaking, stalked some goats, climbed a mountain and took many, many selfies.
It was ok though, because I decided I could sit and watch Ghostbusters on Sunday. Only then, the three of us got together again, driving around the countryside looking for a farm which was hosting an open day, which led to sitting in tractors, cooing over farm animals and climbing hay bales, before heading to another pub so that Helmore could have the girliest drink known to man. Then we got rained on.
So, busy weekend was busy!
I am finally able to don this shirt, sit down and watch Ghostbusters this evening, I just have to remember not to cross the streams and that if anyone asks me if I’m a God, to always say yes.

T shirt – play.com



6 thoughts on “What Leah Wore – Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!”

  1. Ghostbusters – how did I not realise it was the 30th anniversary? I adore that film. This post has really made me smile. I think its time for a geeky quote, one fan to another: “Listen – do you smell something?” 🙂

    1. The first time I watched that film, I was kind of on the fence, but then I heard the “Listen, do you smell something” line and thought, yes, this film and I are meant to be!
      Tell him about the twinkie!

  2. Hahaha, that sounds like a cray cray weekend indeed! I’m glad you had fun though…and AGH I ❤ Ghostbusters. Not to undermine D-day or anything…but…c'mon. Ghostbusters. 4 lyf.

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