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The Fault in Our Stars advanced screening thoughts…

This is really just an excuse for me to flail about the Fault in our Stars movie and have a good old moan about Vue cinemas, who really, if anyone is reading this from Vue, kinda owe a large number of nerdfighters a discount….

So, the TFIOS movie is out soon and a load of cinemas across the UK were showing special advanced fan screenings, which included a recorded introduction from John Green, the movie in full, a Q and A with the cast, a poster and a lanyard ticket thing.  I guess I’ll talk about the film first, because honestly, it still hurts. It got me right in the solar plexus and it still hurts. Like, there is a dull ache in the very core of me from this freaking movie. Whenever I recommend the book to people, I always tell them it’ll make them laugh, make them cry and that it’ll change their life. The movie is no different and honestly, I think the advanced fan screening heightened the experience for me. Being sat in a room that was full of other nerdfighters who were there because they read and loved this book, because they love and admire John was kind of magical.

So, here’s what went down, my friend and I, along with hundreds of other people all wearing those blue Okay, okay, shirts (seriously, where do you get those from? I quite fancy pillows with okay, okay on. Where do I get those?) all sat in a screen at our local vue cinema, folding giant posters and generally being very excited. The lights dim, John Green appears, there’s a loud gasp and then, the opening credits, no trailers, that was kind of amazing.

I don’t want to tell you too much about the film, if you’ve read the book, you already know what goes down. All I will say is that it is one of the most faithful book adaptations I have ever seen. There was literally only about three scenes I noticed that were missing (one of them being one of my favourites where Hazel and Isaac play Counter Insurgance together), Gus’ parents were barely in it and his sisters were non existent, but other than that, the film was exactly, word for word the book that we all fell in love with. I’m not the biggest fan of Shailene, particularly after her feminism faux pas, but she was all kinds of perfect, Ansel was perfect, Nat was perfect, the Lancasters were perfect. In fact, this film was celluloid perfection, from the way that text messages were used, to the literal heart of Jesus and dear God, they made Amsterdam look incredible.

Basically, my Thursday night was spent sat in a dark room with hundreds of people all wearing the same shirt and all gigglesobbing. You know what I mean? When you’re sort of laughing through the tears, because the film is, as the book is, witty, funny, endearing, charming and heartbreaking. There were many adorable chuckle moments, particularly with Gus and Isaac, Nat and Ansel had great chemistry together.

Unlike the girl sat behind me, I managed to keep my shit together until Amsterdam. If you know the story, you’ll know what happens towards the end of the Amsterdam trip. It was Ansel’s face when he was trying to keep it together. That’s when I lost it. DEAR GOD. Towards the end of the film I viewed it through a haze of tears.

You get the idea. TFIOS is a triumph in book adaptations, even the way they did Isaac’s glass eye was amazing, well done to the make up/ costume department.

So, now I’ve told you about how good the film is, it’s time for me to moan about Vue cinemas.
The film ends, everyone is in pieces, the lights stay dim and we all remain in our seats ready for our Q and A, the tears are drying on our faces, our bladders are screaming at us and nothing happens for ten minutes. Eventually, a member of staff comes in and announces that the Q and A won’t be happening because the projector (which had just managed to show an entire movie without problems) wasn’t working. Since then, I’ve found out that a different cinema that advertised a Q and A after the film also failed to show it. So, this is a message for you Vue, I think you owe me and my fellow film viewers a refund for selling us all something that didn’t come as advertised. As much as I love TFIOS and enjoyed seeing it before anyone else, part of the reason we went was because of the promise of the Q and A, where else were we likely to see that? The fact that this didn’t happen apparently at more than one cinema kind of makes me a bit angry. Did anyone else do the advance screening? Did you guys get the Q and A?  Had that gone as planned, it would have really completed the experience, it was just lucky that the atmosphere and the sheer brilliance of the film itself was enough.

Honestly, I fell in love with this film the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once.


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