what leah wore

What Leah Wore: Luke, I’m your father



I got a new t shirt in the post AND MY CAR HAS FINALLY ARRIVED.



Seriously, this shirt is hella cute.
Also, it arrived on the same day that I went to pick up my new car! If you follow me on twitter and if you saw my last 365  post, you will know that I have been ever so slightly irritated about the delay in picking up my new car, well, after MONTHS of wrong dates and issues with insurance, it is finally sat on my drive and I finally have a car with working windows, a working stereo and is easy to manoeuvre! I do miss my old Ford KA, it may have gotten to a point where MOTing it was similar to having to re mortgage a house and the steering and suspension was going and the petrol cap was rusting a lot, but  it was reliable and it had its quirks, so as much as I love having a more exciting car, I will miss my old one. Now I have to come up with a new name for this one, its number plate is a little Destiel-y, so if you can think of something along those lines to help me out with that, I would be grateful!

My dad was a hero and came with me to pick the car up and explain all the technical garage jargon to me, so I felt like this shirt was kind of apros pos! I kind of wish I’d had this for May 4th, anyway, Darth looking after Luke and Leia is adorbs!

Shirt: Qwertee.


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