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Great Bookish Bake off – How not to make mint choc chip cupcakes


The cakes I bake and the books I read whilst baking them. 


Usually, I make cakes and read books and everything is wonderful. That isn’t the case today, but hey, someone might be able to make these and make them properly.
Basically, I was supposed to make cakes in order to sell at a charity cake sale, for some reason, even though I made these in exactly the same way as I make every other cake, they came out hard and my icing didn’t set at all. Also, a load of agents rejected my manuscripts today, why did all of them have to do that one the same day.

Things you will need:
A mixing bowl
Cake cases
175g self raising flour
175g sugar
175g butter
1 egg
Chocolate chips.
For the icing: 140g butter
280g icing sugar
a sprinkle of green colouring
a splash of peppermint flavouring
Some chocolate chips to garnish
The book of your choice. I went with Game of Thrones, a Song of Ice and Fire because I just started watching the series, so why not?

Like I said, I made these the same way I do every sponge cake.
Dry ingredients in the mixer first, ten wet ones, mix it all together, once it’s all mixed in, fold in the chocolate chips. Spoon the mixture into cake cases and put in the oven for 20-25 minutes, which should give you enough time to get some reading in. You should end up with average looking cup cakes, I ended up with cupcake shaped biscuits. Very odd. Seriously, if you make these, tell me if you ended up with sponge or biscuits.
Let the cakes cool, which should give you ample more time to read about the Starks fighting the Lannisters.
Once that excitement is over with, you can get started on the icing.
Now, my icing also didn’t go to plan, for some reason the butter just started melting, it’s not exactly warm in the old UK at the moment, what is that all about. I have liquid butter and it just won’t solidify. As those of you with a GCSE in Science will know, movement tends to heat things up, the butter just got less and less solid as I stirred in the sugar. I figured sticking it in the fridge once it was minty green would sort it out. How wrong I was. It stayed a weird sort of liquid consistency.
And so, we end up with strange biscuity, gooey cakey things, but at least they do taste like mint choc chip which is half the battle I suppose. I decided that no one would part with money for these, no matter how charitable they felt, so I left them at home for my parents to enjoy (or not as the case may be) and donated instead.
I would love someone to give this recipe a go and see if it actually works out for them!
I would also love someone to publish at least one of my manuscripts, cos I just want to be Hemingway.



3 thoughts on “Great Bookish Bake off – How not to make mint choc chip cupcakes”

  1. That recipe sounds fine to me, I wonder what went wrong! I’ve had recipes fail on me for no apparent reason as well, happens to the best of us 😉

    I made some chocolate cakes a while back which were a chocolate sponge and then I pushed one of the mint flavoured Aero bubbles into the middle of each cake before baking and they were so minty they’d knock your socks off! They need icing though as they look really weird on the top and icing is definitely not my forte 😦

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