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Novel Playlist – Looking for Alaska



It’s no secret that I love John Green books and now we’re getting an Looking for Alaska movie! I’m already petitioning for Kaya Scodelario (or however you spell Effie off Skins real name) to play Alaska! Anyway, Looking for Alaska is my favourite John Green book and there are some amazing songs out there that make me think of it and although we’ll get an OST when we get the movie, that is at least another year off, so here are my contributions:

Cough Syrup – Young the Giant
Rebel Yell – Billy Idol
My Generation – The Who
There’s a Light that never goes out – The Smiths
Baggy Trousers – Madness
Flaws – Bastille
Teenage Icon – The Vaccines
Helena – My Chemical Romance
Tongue Tied – Group Love
Rebel Rebel – David Bowie
Tik Tok – Kesha
I love it – Icona Pop

Looking for Alaska is one of those books that features amazing highs, moments where Kesha declaring: The Party Don’t Start Til I walk In makes perfect sense and others that are much more profound, where songs like The Smiths and Young The Giant are more appropriate.
What songs remind you guys of Looking for Alaska? I’m sure I’m missing some really obvious ones!



6 thoughts on “Novel Playlist – Looking for Alaska”

  1. I love the book. It’s so different to TFIOS, but also brilliant. Would be funny to have ‘What does the Fox say’ playing when Takumi and Miles are running away from the prank scene and Takumi had his Fox hat on. ‘The fox is pointing left’ or whatever he says.. Such a funny part of the book! Hope they keep it in the film. X

    1. I didn’t think of What does the Fox say! That would have been genius! I hope they leave that bit in too! Though, not sure I want to see Pudge’s very unerotic fellatio scene!

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