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Happy First Birthday, Harley’s Angels!



A year ago, I was sat at Mardon’s social club with my parents, my uncle Ryan and my auntie Julie watching my dad’s friend’s band murder a Kasabian classic, when I had a text from my good friend, Chris Loveder, telling me he had just added my book to his Amazon shopping cart… And that’s how I found out my book was for sale! Its my version of the DanRad “and I was in the bath” story.
So, like, happy one year anniversary of Harley’s Angels being an actual tangible thing and as it’s my cover designer’s birthday too,  it’s a double celebration! (I’m rubbish at self promotion, but, like, buy it and stuff. Kaythanxbai.)
It’s weird to think that I even have an actual proper paperback book for sale, even weirder to think that a whole year has gone past since it was released and even weider still to think that I wrote this two and a bit years ago during NaNoWriMo.
Here’s hoping on the two year anniversary, that I’ll have another paperback to my name!


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