365 Month 6!

Guys, we’ve made it half way through the year and I’m still going!
This is the longest I have ever managed to keep up a new year’s resolution! Go me!!

Now that summer is here, I think I’m going to find more outdoorsy things to photograph! It seems a shame to waste the blue skies and pretty flowers! I’m still impressed that I’ve actually managed to keep this up for six months though! I never usually make resolutions because I can never keep to them. Achievement unlocked!



4 thoughts on “365 Month 6!”

  1. Nice one! Or ones actually. I’ve tried 365s on more than one occasion. Made it to November once before my usual failure gene kicked in. Doh! Stick with it, it’ll make a great aide-memoire in years to come. The shots will open the door to so much else that happened this year which otherwise might be forgotten.

    1. Thank you!
      I finished it the other day! I thought it was wonderful, its not quite managed to top Great Expectations, which is my favourite of his, but I really enjoyed it!

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