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What Leah Wore – Bloomin’ Marvellous!



Guys, because I am so ridiculously anti social, I love it so much when I actually have a random weekend that I can tell you about!



This is my favourite jumper for obvious super hero reasons.
So, I have a random weekend adventure to tell you about, all of which occurred whilst wearing this very marvellous jumper.
Firstly, I finished my weekly radio show and ended up taking a jaunt to Holt, in Wiltshire, to help my dad search for a new car. Though, while he did test drives and talked to various salesmen, my mum and I spent the whole time photographing the scenery, climbing trees and generally enjoying the view (which made an appearance in my latest 365). We drove back home and I took a trip into the neighbouring village to meet some old school friends. My old flat mate, George, and her husband (and my fellow radio presenter), Benji, live in Qatar now, so they organised a get together with a load of old school friends, there were seriously people there that I hadn’t seen since the summer I was sixteen!
After a good old bout of socialising, I headed home, just to find that my parents and my brother were out and had locked all the doors. So, after a distress call on Twitter, my buddy, Luke, who was walking home and happened to be passing, joined me and the two of us had a porch party, I was really quite thankful to have thought to put a jumper on before leaving the house!
My thankfulness was short lived however, when I reached my room, I discovered a giant spider casually lounging on my bedroom floor, from which I had to be rescued from by my dad!
I hope I get more random weekends, I’m still suffering intense nostalgia from my weekend in Cheddar, this weekend, I’m off to Comic Con, so this jumper may have to make a reappearance!

Jumper  – Forever 21

Phone case – Etsy



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