The Summer Guest

The Summer Guest – Emma Hannigan

I love reading stories set in Ireland, maybe it’s because I’m English and Ireland has a wonderful array of greenery, accents and culture and feels so much more magical than where I’m from. Which is a good thing really, because this wavered in places and the Irishness really helped me pull through.

Lexi and her husband Sam have put their heart and soul into renovating No. 3 Cashel Square. Lexi’s mother thinks it’s high time they had a baby, but Lexi’s thriving art gallery keeps her more than busy. Plus her headstrong niece Amelie seems to have practically moved in. And then, just as summer arrives, a mysterious stranger knocks on the door. Kathleen Williams has come from America, longing to see the house in Cashel Square where she was born, over sixty years ago. Kathleen’s visit is tinged with sadness but she finds comfort and laughter with Lexie and Amelie. Soon the three women are sharing their hearts, tears and secrets, little knowing their unexpected friendship will touch them all in more ways than they can imagine…

I read this in totally the wrong context. Had I been on holiday, I’d have probably raced through it and really enjoyed it. As it happens, I was at home and the setting was all wrong.
This took me a while to get into, the beginning didn’t really hold my attention all that well, though, like I said, I was flailing about the Irishness of it. I enjoyed the storyline and really liked the blossoming friendship between Kathleen and Lexie. The two of them and Amelie were a wonderful bunch of women, they were all so different with various back stories and issues going on in their life and seeing them all interacting together was really refreshing and heart warming.
I found some of the dialogue to be a little cringy, particularly when Lexie and Sam are trying to have a serious conversation and Amelie’s diary entries, though I thought Amelie was pretty awesome as far as characters go, so I can forgive her for that. I found Sam to be a little dull though, Lexie could do a lot better.

You can probably tell that I got a little bit too attached to the characters, which I guess is the sign of a good story, I just found that it dipped and that my attention wavered at various points. Had I been sunning myself on a beach or by a pool, it would have been perfect, but it isn’t the sort of thin you can use for bedroom reading, or in my case, whilst baking.
It has made me think a lot about who I would want to turn up to my house over the summer… I might write a post about it!

This was sent to me by the lovely people over at bookbridgr! Thanks guys! If only you could have also given me a holiday to read it on!




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