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365 Month 7

Where has all the time gone!
Seven months! Seven months of taking a photo every day without fail and while I think my photography is getting better, it might not show so much in my pictures, getting a picture is much more important than it looking nice, but when I take pictures for work I notice how much better the framing and the use of light is compared to the ones I was taking at the beginning of the year or back last February when I started this job and that, for me, is the main thing. I don’t know if I’ll continue doing a photo a day after the new year, but I am looking forward to being able to show off what I’ve learned in the past few months!


Lots of bookish pictures this month, I’ve noticed every month when I upload all of these pictures there always seems to be a theme. Most of the time it’s my cats or my shoes. This month it seems to be flowers and books and honestly, there’s only one of those things that I actually like.
Next month I hope to have lots of popvinyl related pictures as I’m desperately hunting for Guardians of the Galaxy related ones and I’ve heard they’re releasing Doctor Who ones! Plus, my long awaited Charlie Bradbury should be on its way soon too!


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