Paper Swans


Paper Swans – Jessica Thompson

I’ve never come across Jessica Thompson before, but now I’ve read this, I want to read her shopping lists and her phone books too.

Ben Lawrence seems to have it all – the hot job, the flashy car, the luxurious apartment. But one tragic day in his past mars his future.
Since the events of that day he hasn’t truly got close to anyone.
He made a promise that love was the price he would pay for his mistakes.
When Effy Jones – a bright, ambitious charity founder – walks into the PR firm where Ben works, neither realise that their lives are about to be turned upside down.
Paper Swans tells of how love can conquer all, and how when everything is broken one person can help to put the pieces together…

This was all kinds of awesome, I don’t generally read romances, being someone who is terminally single, I don’t always get on with reading other people simpering over their significant others, but this, while it is a romance, was one with a difference. There obviously was a little simpering, Ben and Effy meet and they find each other attractive and you know, there’s the cooing over their looks and how nice they both are and all that, but there is also Ben’s crippling commitment phobia, his underlying anxiety, his mental health and the whole working at a PR firm which has questionable morals and there is the fact that Effy is strong, independent and totally runs her own life, which is actually a nice change.

Effy was such a great character, I love it when I come across well written women! She was so real. In fact, all the characters, even the barely mentioned ones were 3D and completely believable. Paper Swans was such a fabulous read, Effy and Ben were so well rounded and multi layered it was a real pleasure to read about their lives and seeing them get to know each other.

The thing that really drew me in was the way that the mental health issues were written, Jessica Thompson writes about this delicate subject with such finesse, it is truly gifted writing. It’s always difficult to find a book with the theme of mental illness and have it done well. I’ve read so many books that made me cringe with how badly the author tackled the subject, but this was so completely well done, honestly, if you are looking to get into stories with these theme, Paper Swans is a great starting point. Ben’s struggles are heartbreaking and the way he manages his professional and personal lives was raw and bittersweet.

The theme with the swans was also a really lovely way to weave the two stories together and I was pretty much shipping the two of them from the moment they met. There was no instalove or declarations of forever from the first moment, it was well constructed and the build up was so satisfying.

As if this needed another plus point, the cover is gorgeous. So, there’s alo that.


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