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What Leah Wore – 10 points to Griffindor!



IMG_4680It’s like double Hogwarts outfit! So, it transpired that I hadn’t taken all my holiday entitlement, so I got given the week off! Which obviously I did whilst wearing some splendid geeky t shirts, starting with this number and as I don’t often get time off, I thought I’d tell the internet all about it.

So my week off  consisted of hanging out in Bristol with some buddies, changing my diet, becoming a domestic goddess, saving mice and spending money!
I’ve decided that I’m going to stop eating processed food and only create food from scratch, so all this week I’ve been learning to cook! It’s been a very challenging week! Plus, I managed to take apart and recreate a new bookshelf all by myself, who says you need a man in your life?!

The other exciting thing that happened whilst I was off was the fact that I released a new book! Which you can all get from here if you’re interested in free ebooks! After my first really busy day back, I kinda wish I were still on holiday!



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