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Top 5 characters I’d like to be stuck with in an apocalypse

Hello and welcome to the very sporadic top five feature that I drag out now and again where I tend to list my top five things, like my top five names or my top five tweeters, today I’m going to talk about the five fictional people I would want to have around as my apocalypse fighting buddies.
Sometimes I think about what life would be like in an Angel finale style apocalypse and who I would need around me to ensure my survival. Sometimes heading to the Winchester for a pint and waiting for it all to blow over isn’t an option and sometimes, Buffy isn’t going to show up and sort everything out for you. Though I do have a plan just in case zombies ever happens. Anyway, here is a collection of characters from film, television and books who I think would be infinitely helpful in an apocalypse situation.

Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
Aside from the fact that he’s faced a couple of apocalypses before and has the experience to handle another, he’s also handy with a weapon, knows tones of lore about demons and other creatures we could end up facing if the world is ending, his  boyfriend bff is an angel, so we’d have heavenly help and of course, after the events of season nine, he does have that little extra something that could come in handy. Also, Eye candy. The world might need to be repopulated at some point and well.. He’s Dean Winchester and I’m only human.

Katniss Everdeene (Hunger Games)
Well, she kicks ass for starters, she’s handy with a bow and arrow and she can hunt, which means that while the rest of humanity is dying out,  we’d at least have someone who can keep us fed and maybe get a few bad guys along the way. She also looks like she’d be really good at braiding hair and well, with the world ending and all, it would be nice to learn how to style my hair before I die.

Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)
He’s a strategic thinker, incredibly brave, very wise and sarcastic enough to keep all our spirits up. Plus, he’s a reader, so we’d have something to talk about on those long nights whilst Dean is praying to Castiel and Katniss is out getting dinner.

Natasha Romanoff/ The Black Widow (Marvel related stuff)
Yeah, we’d survive with the Black Widow on side. No questions asked. She’d take down every beastie that so much as looked at us funny, keep the camp protected and probably stop Dean and Tyrion from killing each other all before Katniss managed to return with breakfast.

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Well, she has MAGIC POWERS for a start. We could all be invisible, our enemies stupified and our whole camp transported to another part of the world before Katniss had time to load her bow. Plus Hermione is super smart and would probably be able to come up with some way to get the world back to how it was supposed to be and she managed to take on a load of death eaters before the apocalypse happened so she’d totally be prepared. Katniss and I could braid her hair whilst Tyrion reads to us, Natasha patrols and Dean lies around looking pretty.

If you could pick five people from the world of fiction to join you in fighting the apocalypse, who would you pick and why?  Other honourable mentions would go to Buffy Summers (she is the slayer after all), Agents Fitz and Simmons (Agents of Shield), Sherlock Holmes, Tony Stark and for some reason, Blaine Anderson (of Glee fame), you never know when you might need a spirit lifting musical number.


5 thoughts on “Top 5 characters I’d like to be stuck with in an apocalypse”

  1. I think the Marquis de Carabas (Neverwhere) would be a great asset to have. He’s managed to die and is still wandering around London Below so hopefully he’d be able to share with me the secret of the little box in case I die too. I also think I’d like to have Myka Behring and Pete Lattimer there (Warehouse 13) because an artifact could possible come in handy, Pete’s really funny and I’d probably spend all my time listening to his Cookie Monster ringtone. (Oh and I’m glad it’s not just me with the zombie plan. I keep trying to get my husband to sit down and hash out the details of mine so that he is prepared too but he just thinks I’m daft!!)

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