Novel Playlist – On the Road



I reviewed On the Road a little while ago, it’s essentially about one really long road trip and well, a road trip aint a road trip without a soundtrack. As always, driver picks the music, shot gun shuts their cake hole. Here’s the playlist I created to listen to alongside reading On the Road.

Carry on my Wayward Son – Kansas
Highway to Hell – AC/DC
Paradise on Dashboard Light – Meat Loaf
Bad – Michael Jackson
Driving in my car – Madness
Greatest Day – Bowling for Soup
You Know I’m no good – Amy Winehouse
American Pie – Don McClean
Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen
King of the Road – Roger Miller
1,000 Miles – Vanessa Carlton
Get out the map – Indigo Girls. 

You may look at this and think, man, that looks a lot like the music that gets played in Supernatural. Kansas, Leah, really, but yes, ok, I listened to Kansas and AC/DC when I was reading this book. Besides, this book inspired the TV show Supernatural. So deal with it. Also, I have a playlist on my iPod which is titled DEAN WINCHESTER HITS which features pretty much all of these songs and that I played a lot when reading On the Road.



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