#LoveThisQuote – A Clash of Kings



When watching Series 2 of Game of Thrones, I was ardently Team Renly and I desperately wanted him on the throne with Loras and Margeary sat either side of him. Well, we all know what happens to poor Renly. So then, I was like, well, if Renly isn’t on the throne, then I am Team Robb. Team Robb FTW! There must always be a Stark on the throne, winter is coming and all that. Then there was the wedding and I had to find another team, which is how I reluctantly started spreading the word about our Lord and Master, Stannis Baratheon, but reading A Clash of Kings is making me feel a little different. While I still love Renly, book!Robb is 15 and has no more idea how to be a king than Justin Bieber, sorry, Joffery Baratheon (they share initials, coincidence, I think not.), but this quote made me kind of love book!Stannis, so I think I may have to just pledge my allegiance to him and have done with it.



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