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Let’s play fifty questions!

I saw this questionaire on Tumblr and decided I wanted to know these things about many, many people that I follow, but I thought it would be kinda rude to just demand this, so I thought I’d do it myself first and then hopefully, you guys would follow suit!

1: What was the last book you read?
A clash of Kings – George R R Martin

2: Was it a good one?
It most certainly was!

3: What made it good?
Mostly Jon Snow. But I also very much enjoyed all the friction in it, it’s like a soap opera, but with mythical creatures and an uncomfortable chair.

4: Would you recommend it to other people?
I would, but I think it’s a good idea to have read the first book first, be aware of how freaking big it is (it will take forever and some strong arms) and to maybe have a little knowledge of the TV show, I for one found that this helped with keeping up with all the characters.

5: How often do you read?
I usually get through a book in about three days, unless it’s particularly big or I’m marathoning a tv show on netflix or something.

6: Do you like to read?
7: What was the last bad book you read?
I’m lucky in the sense that I usually enjoy books that I pick, but I have read my fair share of bad books, the last truly terrible book that I read was Dark Heroine, Before You was also a bit hit and miss for me recently.

8: What made you dislike it?
The Dark Heroine was just really badly written, terrible grammar, full of misogynistic nonsense and was full of victim blaming.

9: Do you wish to be a writer?
Yes, if you like, you can read my stories here!

10: Has any book every influenced you greatly?
The Bell Jar is the first that springs to mind, but I once wrote a whole post about that!

11: Do you read fanfiction?
On occasion, it’s the only way Destiel is ever going to happen!

12: Do you write fanfiction?
No, but maybe one day!

13: What’s your favorite book?
Like Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower, my favourite book tends to be the last one that I read. But, my favourite book of all time would probably be the Hobbit, but Prisoner of Azkaban and the Fault in Our Stars would be up there too.

14: What’s your least favorite book?
The fifty shades books are among the worst I’ve ever read, as is Dark Heroine. I also really didn’t like Gone Girl, even though everyone else did.

15: Do you prefer physical books or ready on a device (like a kindle)?
I like both, physical books feel better, but kindles are so handy! I can fit an entire library in my bag which is helpful!! Also, egalleys are great!

16: When did you learn to read?
I was about five or six I think, I was in hospital and my mum used to read to me and I memorised the pages and it sort of went from there.

17: What is your favorite book you had to read in school?
The diary of Anne Frank, I read it when I was in year four, I was about 8 or nine at the time, and everyone else was still on picture books, so it was my favourite to read because I felt a little smug about the fact that I was so advanced!

18: What is your favorite book series?
Harry Potter. Blates.

19: Who is your favorite author?
F Scott Fitzgerald.

20: What is your favorite genre?
Does YA count as a genre? Because that’s the one I read the most!

21: Who is your favorite character in a book series?
Simon Lewis of Mortal Instruments fame would be up there, as would Ginny Weasley, who is from Harry Potter in case you didn’t know.

22: Has a book ever transported you somewhere else?

23: Which book do you wish had a sequel?
Not so much a sequel, but I would LOVE to know what really happened to Alaska in Looking for Alaska.

24: Which book do you wish DIDNT have a sequel?
Twilight. On it’s own, that book would have worked fine, but New Moon was bloody awful.

25: How long does it take you to read a book?
Usually about 3 days.

26: Do you like when books become movies?
Sometimes, some books work better as movies (like Angus, thongs and perfect snogging, I much prefered the film version!)

27: Which book was ruined by its movie adaptation?
All of the Harry Potters, the Mortal Instruments film and Golden Compass.

28: Which movie has done a book justice?
The Fault in our Stars. That film was perfect.

29: Do you read newspapers?
Well, I work at a newspaper, so I guess, yes!

30: Do you read magazines?
Sometimes, they’re kind of pricey, so I tend not to buy them, but I used to work at a couple of magazines, so I have done in the past!

31: Do you prefer newspapers or magazines?
Magazines feel nicer, but I feel like newspapers are a little less frivilous. (Unless you read the Sun or something!)

32: Do you read while in bed?
Yeah sometimes! I tend to fall asleep pretty quickly if I’m in bed!

33: Do you read while on the toilet?

34: Do you read while in the car?
No, I’m usually driving!

35: Do you read while in the bath?
I don’t trust myself!

36: Are you a fast reader?
I can be.

37: Are you a slow reader?
Not generally.

38: Where is your favorite place to read?
The kitchen oddly enough! I like to read when I’m making my dinner/ baking cakes!

39: Is it hard for you to concentrate while you read?
Depends on the book, I have a short attention span, so it’s a great indication of how good a book is as to how well it holds my attention!

40: Do you need a room to be silent while you read?
Depends on how good the book is, if I’m struggling with it, I’ll need quiet, but if not, then I don’t mind background noise. Sometimes I listen to music when I’m reading and create playlists to help enhance them.

41: Who gave you your love for reading?
I don’t know really! It’s just something I always enjoyed.

42: What book is next on your list to read?
September is “mystery” so I’m hoping to read Cuckoos Calling and Rivers of London!

43: When did you start to read chapter books?
I was quite young, one of my favourites as a child was Gobbolino the Witches Cat, which has chapters, so at a guess, I’d have probably been 7 or 8.

44: Who is your favorite children’s book author?
I was a big fan of Enid Blyton and of course, HP was around from the age of 10 onwards.

45: Which author would you most want to interview?
I got to chat to Dick King Smith once and I’ve had brief convos with Maureen Johnson, John Green and David Levithan, but I think I’d most want wisdom from J K Rowling.

46: Which author do you think you’d be friends with?
Maureen Johnson I hope!

47: What book have you reread the most?
Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s my favourite Harry Potter!

48: Which books do you consider “classics”?
Things like Pride and Prejudice I count as being a classic, but I also consider Fitzgerald and Hemingway as being classics and the Catcher in the Rye is another that I consider a classic.

49: Which books do you think should be taught in every school?
I think the Bell Jar would be a great addition to a class room, it would certainly help with the understanding of mental illness. Books like Twilight, etc have a place in the classroom, especially in the study of the surge of YA books and their popularity and of course, things like to Kill a Mockingbird, or anything with a strong moral story is a good thing to teach!

50: Which books should be banned from all schools?
No books should be banned from schools. Censorship is kind of a prickly thing, but even truly terrible books shouldn’t be banned, nothing should, how do we open minds if those in charge insist on deciding what we can and can’t read.

So there you have it! 50 questions! I would very much enjoy to see what everyone else thinks, so if you would also like to take part in this tag, feel free!


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