Top 5

Top 5 Summer Guests!

After reading the Summer Guest by Emma Hannigan and the fact that our five seconds of summer appears to be over, (seriously, does anyone else have DON’T STAAAHP DOIN WHAT YOU’RE DOOIIIN in their head constantly?) I decided to have a think about the top five fictional characters I would like to invite over for the summer! This top five feature doesn’t happen very often, I’m a bit of a commitment phobe, but still! Feel free to add your favourite fictional guests too!

#5 Matilda – Matilda
We could talk about books and she can use her telekinisis so we would never actually have to get up to answer the door/get food etc!

#4 Zelda – Z a novel of Zelda Fitzgerald
We can fawn over her husband together and well, Zelda knows how to throw a party and have a good time, which is exactly what you need during a summer visit!

#3 Ginny – 13 Little Blue Envelopes
She travelled the world on her own, that takes guts and means that she has an amazing set of stories and holiday snaps to show off!

#2 Holden Caulfield – Catcher in the Rye
I know he’s all kinds of depressing and pretentious, but I think having someone else around who is also in the grips of an existential crisis would be good for me. Perhaps we can run away to New York together and moan about all the phoneys in our lives.

#1 August Waters – The Fault in Our Stars
Aside from the fact that it would be nice to see August alive and well, the dinner conversation would be amazing. Plus. you always need someone on hand to make sure the correct use of literally is being deployed. Also, Augustus is very attractive and I would like a pretty guest to come to my house over the summer.

Who would you like to come and spend summer with you at your house?
I think Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow might also be good house guests, Tyrion for the conversation and Jon for… Well… other reasons.
If you’re into this whole top five for summer thing, have yet to have your summer holidays or would just like to pretend that school hasn’t started again,  here are my top five holiday reads!



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