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365 month 8

Do you see that? Do you?
Actual commitment phobe Leah Smith who never, ever, ever sticks to New Year’s Resolutions has managed to go eight whole months without actually giving up on the one she made in January. I think I deserve a hug or something. Four for me Leah Coco! You go Leah Coco!
Having said that, I do feel like I’m burning out a little with this, the OKDOTHIS app is a life saver, if you are a creative photographer type and you need some inspiration of things to photograph sometimes, definitely get this app, it will, figuratively speaking, solve all your problems! Also, I am very sorry for all the food pictures. I’m in the process of changing my diet. So… Sorry.




So much food!
This month has been fun! Two lots of hanging with my besties, lots of baking and lots of eating! Next month I’ll be super old!




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