Great Bookish Bakeoff

Great Bookish Bakeoff – Gingerbread Cupcakes


The cakes I bake and the books I read while baking them. 


My grandad used to make me gingerbread men all the time when  I was younger and I have yet to work out how to do this myself, but as I have decided that I’m only going to eat fresh food and not eat processed food anymore, I got myself some ginger roots to do something exotic with and thought I would give it a go. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to make dough, but cake mix, so I made cupcakes, so… All good! Plus, it gave me some time to get on with a Clash of Kings, which I need to finish to try and work out my Jon Snow theory!

Things you will need:
150g self raising flour
1 grated ginger root
a good dollop of cinnamon
80g brown sugar
75g butter (I used stork cos you know, lactose)
1 egg
4 spoons golden syrup
A blender
A grater
A bowl
Cupcake cases
And the book of your choice, like I said, A Clash of Kings – George R R Martin.

Weigh out the flour and put it in a blender ready, peel and grate your ginger root and chuck it and your cinnamon in with the flour. I proper love cinnamon, so I went to town with that. I also proper love ginger, but word to the wise, do not, and I mean NOT put any of your raw ginger root in your mouth. It may smell amazing, but it will BURN. Anyway, once you’ve recovered from trying to eat raw ginger,  give the blender a quick whizz round to and get the butter weighed out.  When you have enough butter, blend that in as well and add the sugar.

In a separate bowl, crack an egg and add your four table spoons of golden syrup and beat together until incoperated. Add the mix in with the rest of the ingredients and blend until runny. Pour into cake cases and cook for 20mins on 180

Which gives about enough time to get through a chapter of A Clash of Kings.
I read Game of Thrones a little while ago after getting majorly into the TV show and because I spend far too much of my time thinking about Jon Snow, I have a whole theory about his true parentage, and I’ll never know I’m right unless I read all the books! I decided though, after Game of Thrones that I needed a nice break between it and Clash of Kings, they’re just such big, intense books! I am getting into it though and I think I’m enjoying it more than the last one, I just think at this point, I know everyone and I care about them all now! It reminds me of when I was watching series two and had to keep shifting my alliances because Martin keeps killing off all the awesome people!

After the cakes were baked, I left them to cool for a little while whilst reading more about Tyrion terrorising Cersei by hanging around Kings Landing instead of Tywin and they were pretty awesome! Very gingery and not a soggy bottom in sight!

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