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Novel Playlist – Maze Runner




Hey look, another book that I read that’s being turned into a film!
I read the Maze Runner recently and loved the story (though I felt the narration could do with a little work) and then I saw the trailer for the film (Dylan O’Brien as Thomas? That’s kind of awesome) so I thought I would jump on this before the OST comes out. Here’s a selection of songs that The Maze Runner reminded me of!

Time is running out – Muse
Shoot the runner – Kasabian
Seven Nation Army – White Stripes
All these things that I’ve done – Killers
Uprising – Muse
Destroya – My Chemical Romance
Oblivion – Bastille
Norgaard – Vaccines
Monster – Automatic
Break Free – Queen

The Maze Runner is a bit of a strange one for me, on one hand, I kind of loved it, the story was addictive and I loved the idea behind it, but the narration was a little bit of a chore at times. I can’t wait for the film, I think it’ll translate really well on screen!


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