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What Leah Wore: He’s up all night for good fun, I’m up all night to get Loki


So like, now and again, I like to show off the geeky t shirts that I own and its that time again. I’ve been t shirt buying and I wanna show ya’ll because people IRL never appreciate them.


Shirt – Qwertee.com
Bracelet – Amazon

Seriously, I love Loki Laufeyson. Not just Film!Loki, but comic!Loki and all his varying forms, so if there is a t shirt I can buy, I will get it. Today I decided that if I was going to be parading around with the God of mischief on my person, I should maybe hope that the odds are in my favour, so I teamed it with my mockingjay bracelet, which unfortunately, does not make me as much of a badass as Katniss.

Anyway, this week I’ve been getting used to being old!
It’s actually insane how much more difficult it is to write 26 instead 25 on forms! In other news, I just finished the second Dirk Gently book which was all about Asgardians and featured Thor! Unfortunately, there was no Loki involved. If anyone knows of any Norse mythology retellings, I’d love to know, I have a mythical retelling month coming up!



2 thoughts on “What Leah Wore: He’s up all night for good fun, I’m up all night to get Loki”

  1. Have you read Runemarks by Joanne Harris? It features Loki (as in the Norse god) quite heavily and everytime I see someone mention Loki I think they’re referencing that series and then they’re not 😦

    Also yes to the 26 thing, it means going up an age bracket as well and having to tick different boxes, very sad! But I’m guessing a birthday happened at some point so (belated) Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you! Was my birthday last weekend, though I’m still not happy about it!
      I havent read that! But I plan to! Mythological Retelling month is coming up soon and I need books! Also, I love Loki!

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