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Top 5…..

Characters who need their own novels.

Sometimes when you’re reading a book, you come across a character that is so gosh darn awesome you wonder why the author chose to have them as a secondary character rather than the main on, so this is a post to honour all those characters that should have their own book.

Mrs Lancaster – The Fault in our Stars.
I know that the book is beautiful as it is from Hazel’s point of view and I know that being a 16 year old girl without a life expectancy to speak of is pretty tragic and novel worthy, and I know that she had a much closer relationship with Gus than her mum, but I just want to read a version of the book from Hazel’s parents POV, Because if life is hard for Hazel, I can’t imagine how hard it must be for them to have to watch her go through all that.

Caleb Prior – the Divergent series. 
I just want to know what makes Caleb tick, I want to know why he does what he does and how his mind works because there was not enough of his motivations in Tris’ narration.

Infinite Darlene – Boy Meets Boy
All the characters in Boy Meets Boy are interesting, but I would love a novel about Infinite Darlene, the transgender home coming queen/ star quarter back. HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BOOK BE?

Simon Lewis – the Mortal Instruments series
I know Simon gets a lot of page time, but honestly, he’s the only reason I even read these books. I love Simon, he’s the best character and he has so much going on and in my opinion, is a much more worthy hero than Jace (I could write a dissertation on how much I hate Jace). Simon is in love with his best friend, who he not only has to watch getting it on with someone he hates, but he also has to get his head around the fact that she isn’t as human he thought she was, then he gets turned into a vampire, then he gets given the mark of FREAKING Cain. Seriously, how much does this dude have to suffer before he is noticed as a lead character?

The Marauders – Harry Potter

Guys, seriously, if we prepare a petition and send it to J K, do you think she’d give us the Marauders? Or at least let us have a telly show version, because Karen Gillan really needs to play Lily Evans.



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