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What Leah Wore: Old Starkid Potter, Moon shoes Potter


Its What Leah Wore time again! This means that instead of showing you what I thought about a book, I’ll be showing you a geeky t shirt that I own, today’s shirt of choice is one of my many Starkid related shirts. I don’t know if you guys know about starkid, but if you like Harry Potter, disney and puppets, you should probably check them out on youtube.


This shirt isn’t technically starkid related, it’s from the series of online adverts that Joe Walker and Joey Richter filmed for red vines (my favourite American sweet) where they did a series of experiments to find out if there was anything a red vine couldn’t do..

redvines what can't they do

Turns out there is very little that red vines can’t do.

Today is day seven of my two week break from work! So, to celebrate I spent all day at my local cinema enjoying two film adaptations of two books that I have read in the last couple of years whilst sucking on copious cough sweets because I appear to have stepped back onto English soil and promptly caught a cold. God damn you British weather!
Firstly, my friend and I started off with the Maze Runner, I absolutely loved the book, the narration isn’t the best, but the pacing is addictive and the story really drags you in, I thought that it would probably work really well on screen and God I was right!! The cast were amazing, (I have such a crush on Dylan O Brein and Thomas Sangster it’s a bit wrong!) and I thought it was a fun way to spend an hour and a half. After a quick break in which I explained the premise of the film to my friend who hadn’t read the books and was a bit like “what? They can’t end it there!” It was time for film number two, Gone Girl. I really didn’t like the book when I read it, I kinda hated all the characters and I felt like it dragged a bit, but the film is by David Fincher and he’s proper good so… Anyway, it was alright, I kinda had the same ‘meh’ feeling about it as I did the book, but Affleck was good in it and I can see it being big at the Oscars.

Have any of you seen either of these yet? What were your thoughts?

T shirt – Ann Arbor T shirt company. (Just a quick word on the folks over at Ann Arbor, not only are they super cool about how they package and post your items so that you don’t get charged import fees if you’re not in America, but if you write them something funny in the instructions box, they will draw you a funny picture.)





3 thoughts on “What Leah Wore: Old Starkid Potter, Moon shoes Potter”

  1. Loved this post 🙂 I’m really glad you liked Maze Runner so much. I loved the book and I can’t wait to see the movie! Gone Girl I’m not quite as excited about but I definitely will watch it on dvd. It’s good to hear that you liked Ben. He’s been getting kind of mixed reviews. In as much he’s a hometown (Boston) boy, I love it when he does well.

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