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Point Pleasant



Point Pleasant – Jen Archer Woods
You know when you a read a book that is so good that you want to spend every minute of every day reading it, but at the same time, you don’t want to read it, because if you do, it’ll end and then you won’t have it in your life any more.

Ben Wisehart grew up in the idyllic town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. An early encounter with the supernatural shaped his worldview and served as the catalyst for his career as a bestselling horror writer.
Ben left Point Pleasant at the age of twenty. Thirteen years after abandoning his home, he returns to the town to investigate the apparent reemergence of the terrifying creature responsible for his childhood nightmares.
In Point Pleasant, Ben is confronted not only by the town’s resident monster, the Mothman, but also by Nicholas Nolan, Ben’s former best friend. Together, with Bill Tucker—the old recluse who lives on the edge of town—Ben and Nicholas uncover the mystery of the monster in the woods and discover that the ghosts that haunt us are sometimes made of flesh and blood. And sometimes, they lead us home.

Dude. Dude.
This was so freaking good.
This started out life as Supernatural fan fiction. I don’t think it;s a secret that I love Supernatural and it’s definitely not a secret that my OTP is the one, the only, Destiel.
I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, I don’t spend a lot of time reading fanfic, though I do occasionally dip my toes in, just to see what the cool kids are reading, which is how I found out about this story in the first place, the idea of actual published Supernatural fanfic intregued me, especially as I had just started paranormal month in the book genre challenge, and all the paranormal stories that I had looked into reading this month turned out to have terrible reviews, so I pretty much resigned myself to the idea that I would be reading nonsense for the month when really, what I wanted was the book version of Supernatural or Buffy. Point Pleasant is that very thing. Which is AMAZING. We all know that published fanfiction tends not to be that well… great. Fifty Shades being the obvious, this though, this was a pleasant surprise. Point Pleasant has obviously changed names, but it has enough references to the original source material for fans of the show to appreciate it. I was pretty much engrossed from the first page. It is altered fanfic though, so like most fanfic there are a couple of graphic adult sleepovers, between two men. So if that’s not your bag, firstly, you are on entirely the wrong blog and secondly… Perhaps the Supernatural fandom isn’t the place for you.

This isn’t just a paranormal story, this is a story about love, rejection, isolation, of leaving home and coming back, searching for yourself… It is so multi layered and complex that it completely draws you in and keeps you in it’s grasp until the very last page. Even then, it’s kind of hard to shake off. At it’s heart, Point Pleasant is about coming home, finding where you’re supposed to be and honestly, this book felt like home to me.

Point Pleasant might just end up being my new favourite book. Beautifully illustrated and brilliantly written by an incredible talent. I don’t think I can rest until all and every person in the world has read this book and nothing I can say can possibly do this book justice. Plus, it is an indie author and we should stick together and promote each other as much as possible.

Basically, ya’ll need this in your life. If you like Supernatural or not, if you like horror or not, you will benefit greatly from having this on your shelf, just for those moments when you really want to go home. It gets the Nick Fury Seal of Approval because it is just that good.



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