Top 5

Top 5 Fictional…

Places I want to stay the hell away from.

I kinda love travelling, I like to visit new and exciting places and learn about different cultures and sometimes when I read things like 13 little blue envelopes or Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares, I want to be wherever the book is set having an adventure. And then sometimes I read a book and hope to all that is holy that I don’t end up in that place, these are the top 5 places that I least want to visit. (BTW – This top 5 thing is a thing that I do now and again, so like, don’t look for it.)

The Republic of Gilead from The Handmaid’s Tale.
If you’ve never read Margaret Atwood’s amazing dystopian novel then you really need to get on that. The Republic of Gilead is an extreme religious version of the United States where the government and its people have been over thrown by several militant religious groups. In a bid to keep women safe, they have ended up in various different roles, some are house keepers, some are wives and some are hand maids. The hand maids sole purpose is to provide children to the wealthy. It’s a horribly oppressive face that removes freedom of thought and bodily autonomy from those who live there and I would never want to find myself there.

New Prentiss Town from the Chaos Walking Series.
Although on the face of it, the planet inhabited by Todd seems ok, it is also a place where you can hear every single thought that every single man has, it is a place where the indiginous species wants you dead and it is a place that is being ruled by a ridiculous power hungry misogynist who wants every body dead and is at war with a terrorist organisation. I’ll just stay where I am thank you.

Forgotten London from the Lux Guardians series
The Lux Guardians is a series of books created by an independent author called Saruuh Kelsey and its really really good. Apart from the fact that America (known now as the States) has a lot of powerful weapons and have unleashed horrible diseases on the population. Forgotten London like the rest of the Forgotten Lands is in ruin with people homeless, poor, over worked and scared that they will catch all manner of horrible engineered diseases.

The world from 1984
George Orwell’s version of the world in 1984 is all kinds of terrifying. The worst bit is that we are already almost there, we are constantly under the gaze of CCTV cameras. Big Brother is watching us. I don’t much like the sound of Room 101 or being busted by the thought police, although, being a rebel from the waist down does sound a bit more appealing.

Panem from the Hunger Games.
I suppose that living in the Capitol wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t for all the ridiculous clothes but I would hate to live in one of the districts terrified that someone I know will end up being selected for the Hunger Games or that a Peace Maker is going to come by and forcefully stop me from gathering food for my family. I wouldn’t last five minutes in either Panem or the arena so I’m staying the hell away from that place!

Which fictional places would you guys like to never find yourself?
I’d be interested to know if there are places more horrible than these!



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