Novel Playlist- Why We Broke Up



I don’t know about you (but I miss being 22) but I keep a break up playlist on my itunes, just in case. You never know when you might need to bash out a collection of love sick sad songs and thank goodness I have, because this book really needs a soundtrack and that soundtrack needs to be full of bitter sweet love songs. If you’ve not read it, it’s from the same genius as the Series of Unfortunate Events and features the beginnings and endings of a teenage relationship, equipped with some wonderful illustrations.


Can we dance – The Vamps
Crazy in Love – Beyonce
Shake it off – Taylor Swift
Books written for girls – Camera Obscura
We are never ever getting back together – Taylor Swift
Lying is the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on – Panic at the disco
Somebody like you – Adele
Don’t Speak – No Doubt
A song about love – Jake Bugg

If you’ve not had a chance to pick this book up yet, totally do!
The illustrations are amazing and the story is proper cute and if you happen to make your own playlist for listening along, please share it with me! New music is always good for me!


4 thoughts on “Novel Playlist- Why We Broke Up”

  1. I love love love that book — possibly the only high-school-breakup drama-comedy-thing I’ve ever completely enjoyed. Don’t really know any of these songs, but if they remind you of Handler’s characters I will have to give them a listen.

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