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Challenge…. Accepted?

6 weeks

Those of you that have been around a while will know that every year I take part in the Somer Valley FM 6 Week Challenge. Partly because I sort of have to being a volunteer at the station but also because sometimes, they can be quite fun. The first year I wrote an entire novel. Which you can actually buy by the way, just click on my face over in the right column, last year I took part in a blog challenge where I reviewed every book I read in the whole six weeks. This year I’ve decided to learn how to use video editing software, this is partly so I can regain skills I learned at uni and then promptly forgot, such skills are useful when you’re a journalist after all, partly because I have been wanting to make a short film for a really long time and partly because the paper I work at has been trying to venture into the world of visual media and well… I’m the only one who knows how to well… video and although I’ve done videos for them in the past, I know they can be much better. So for the next six weeks, I will be filming, editing and uploading videos in the hope that I’ll actually be good at it by the new year. Yay for life goals.

So, here’s my first attempt, please like and subscribe if you are on YouTube and then maybe I can also get super rich super quickly and someone will actually want to publish one of my books.

In other news, I’ve been doing some collaborations with my friends in recent months, my friend Chris and I wrote a book together, it’s his first and my ninth, so we’re both very excited for very different reseasons! You can get the free download from here and the pair of us teamed up with some other friends to create a sketch show together, the trailer of which is now live and can be viewed here. Happy reading and happy watching!



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