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365 Month 10!

I feel like maybe I should get some sort of reward, this is the longest I have ever managed to keep anything up! Has Leah Smith finally gotten over her commitment phobia? Who knows, anyway, here is my 365 for the month of October!

So that’s been my month in photos!! I’m hoping that now that winter is here that I get to take loads of photos of frosty spider webs and Christmas lights! Also! Excitements, this is my 500th post!! WOOOOO!! Go me! I’d like to thank my parents for making me and you guys for sticking through 500 posts! Other fun news includes the fact that I have new social media icons which you can see in the corner over that way if you want to check me out on other places on the web, so the icons will have disappeared from the bottom of my posts, which hopefully means that you guys won’t have to click too far away to see what I’m doing on YouTube these days!


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