Great Bookish Bakeoff

Great Bookish Bakeoff – Ice Cream Cupcakes



The cakes I bake and the books I read while baking them. 


One thing I never managed to do this summer was get to the beach for ice cream. One thing I never should do, being lactose intoleran,t is eat ice cream. But, ice cream is one of my favourite foods, so I tend to eat it anyway. It’s a great way to ensure you’re left alone for the rest of the evening, amirite fellow lactose intolerants?
Anyway, brief backstory for you, my boss is walking the great wall of China to raise money for our local cancer centre, to go on the trek she had to raise a load of money and one of the ways she was doing that was by holding monthly cake sales at work and this is what I produced for our last charity cake sale, ice cream cupcakes. So, to the oven!

Things you will need:
10 flat bottomed cup wafer cones.
Tin foil.
A muffin or cup cake tin
For the cake batter:
175g self raising flour
175g butter (I used lactose free, but whatever takes your fancy)
175g sugar
1 egg
For the icing:
100g butter (again, lactose free!)
200g icing sugar
vanilla flavouring.
Piping bag (for the icing, though as you can tell, I haven’t mastered this yet!)
sprinkles, flakes, ice cream sauce and the book of your choice, at the time, I was Clash of Kings at the time and may well only read books from the Song of Ice and Fire series when baking from now on.

Step one, take your ice cream cones out of their packaging and carefully cover the outsides with tin foil (I guess this is optional, but I didn’t want my cones to burn or catch fire whilst in the oven) and place them upright on the muffin tray making sure that they are stable and won’t fall.  Set them aside and get everything ready for making cake batter.
Cream the butter and sugar together, add the egg and flour and mix until creamy, spoon two table spoons worth of mixture into each ice cream cone, but make sure that you aren’t filling to the brim, remember that cakes rise and you don’t want the cake to spill over the edge of the cone.
Once the cones are suitably housing cake batter, very carefully transfer them to the oven on 180 degrees for about 30-40 minutes. Use this time to wash up, sort out your other ingredients or reading about the perils of the inhabitants of Westeros.

 At the time of making these, the Baratheon brothers had met to discuss terms, Robb has been declared King of the North and is at war with the Lannisters, not realising that his baby sister is being held captive by Tywin Lannister and has become a murderer and that his other sister is being regularly humiliated by the king sat on the throne and his younger brother has made friends with some psychic dream walkers. It’s all most fun! Anyway, you can probably get quite far into your book in the time it takes for these to cook, just be prepared for interuptions if you’re anything like me and are terrified that the cones would catch fire!

Once your sponge is cooked and a knife stabbed through the middle comes out clean, you can set them aside to cool and think about what you want to do with them. I left half the batch as they were, the other half, I took out the middle of the cake inside the cone using an apple corer and squirted strawberry ice cream sauce into the gap before putting the removed cake back in. Then once they were all completely cool, I made vanilla butter icing and using my very poor piping skills, attempted to make a mister whippy style top for the cakes. At this point, if you have sprinkles, flakes etc, you can really go to town and make these look like they’ve just been purchased from a friendly neighbourhood van playing greensleeves on repeat, but as my icing was bad enough, I figured that I would leave them, so people could at least hazard a guess at what they were supposed to be whilst I did a DanRad and insisted:

Despite my poor piping, these did go down rather well, both the strawberry surprises and the plain ones, though the most common complaint was people trying to figure out how to eat them!
I went for a knife straight down the middle and eat in two halves, but there were some very interesting attempts made by various people in our office block trying to eat them in a civilised manner!
If any of you try these, let me know if you experiment with different flavours and designs and dear God, please tell me how to pipe icing properly! I have watched so many youtube videos that I know the theory (much like how I know in theory how to french braid my hair) but in practise, it just doesn’t seem to work for me!

Also, those that know, should I go straight on to A Storm of Swords or have a rest between these books?!


3 thoughts on “Great Bookish Bakeoff – Ice Cream Cupcakes”

  1. These look amazing! We’re having a bake off style bake sale at work next week for Hero Day, I think I might give these a go for my entry!

    Sidenote: Hero Day is a fund/awareness-raising day we have at Anthony Nolan where we all have to dress as heroes for the day which means next Friday I have to take the tube to work dressed as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Should be interesting…!

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