Great Bookish Bakeoff

Great Bookish Bake off – Plum and ginger upside down cake


The cakes I bake and the books I read while baking them.


Welcome to Leah makes cakes using ingredients she doesn’t like for the pleasure of her parents.
Story time yo, I really don’t like plums. To be fair, I haven’t ever eaten an awful lot of them, my reason for not really liking them is that we used to have a plum tree in the garden of our old house and one year on my birthday, my cousin came over and ate every single plum off of the tree, even though they were still green and not yet ripe. You can only imagine what happened to her over the course of the day. It wasn’t pretty and I just sort of decided that I didn’t like what plums did to people, so I stopped eating them. My parents though, they like plums and both my grandparents have fruit trees in their gardens, and this year, my nan bequethed me a bag of plums with the instruction to do something with them. Being that I’m not a fan of plums, it’s not a fruit that I really know what to do with, so I turned to the internet and discovered the idea of plum and ginger going well together, so here is my invention of a sort of plum upside down cake… with ginger sponge. Let’s go.

Things you will need:
150g self raising flour
1 ginger root
a good dollop of cinnamon
80g brown sugar
75g butter (I used stork cos you know, lactose)
1 egg
4 spoons golden syrup
A handful of plums
A cake tin
A blender
Appropriate cutlery.
The book of your choice, I turned to the Cuckoo’s Calling, which I was reading during Mystery Month in the book genre challenge!

First things first, grease your cake tin, no one wants bits of fruit and sponge stuck to the bottom of their tins. Once that’s done, set aside and get started on everything else.
I measured out the dry ingredients and put my sugar, cinnamon and flour in the bottom of the blender, while I peeled and cut up a ginger root into small pieces. Last time I made ginger cake, I grated the ginger root, but I found that it sort of turned a little pulpy when I did that, so I gave whole ginger pieces a try this time and threw them in too.  Into this, I added the butter and blended until it started to look a little like bread crumbs. Then in went the egg and the golden syrup before blending again until cake batter happened. While that was sat in the blender, I halved  the plums, removed the pips and placed them flesh side down in the bottom of the cake tin until the bottom of the tin was covered, then poured the cake mix over the top and put in the oven on 180 degrees for 45 minutes. During which time I got to grips with a Cuckoos Calling and honestly, how did people not twig this was J K Rowling under another name? I mean, it’s no HP, but like Casual Vacancy, the writing style is very similar.

Once the cake was done, I left it on the side to cool for a few moments and then, once I was no longer worried about burning myself, turned it out onto a plate and voila! Plum and ginger upside down cake! Though, like I said at the beginning of this tale, I am not a love of plums, I did really enjoy a slice or two of this! The ginger and cinnamon add a warm kick to the sponge and the fruit is perfectly placed for providing a hint of sweetness. This might be my new go-to winter sponge recipe.


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