Top 5

Top 5….

Characters that should have lived.

Ohhhh. It’s that Top 5 thing again 😉
This was a top ten Tuesday a while ago and I remember at the time thinking, ohhh, man, I should totally do that one. But then I remembered that I am a commitment phobe and couldn’t possibly do that every Tuesday! So, here are my top 5 characters that should have lived.
If you haven’t read the Divergent trilogy, the Hunger Games trilogy, the Harry Potter series, the Book Thief or that seminal classic fic, Twist and Shout, then, you have been warned, I am about to River you.



Right, so I am assuming that if you’re still here with me then you have read the above listed titles and are intrigued as to which characters I wish were still alive. Let’s go!

Hans and Rosa – The Book Thief
I am grouping these two together because well… They’re from the same book and I just wanted them and Leisel to have a nice life together. Was it necessary to take Rudy too?

Castiel Novak – Twist and Shout
I do fic recs sometimes. Twist and Shout is a Supernatural AU fanfic set during ‘Nam. Dean goes to war, Cas stays behind. God, it’s so heartbreaking and I just wanted them to be together forever and it was such a HORRIBLE way to go. (If you really want to mess with people on tumblr, just make a post saying “I can dig Elvis” and see how many fangirls you can make cry.)

Tris Prior – Divergent/Insurgent/Allegiant
The whole of the last book was sort of like the death of my appreciation of the series, but Tris’ death was just so pointless. Like, there was no reason for her to even have been there when it happened. I don’t mind it happening if it’s progressive to the plot, but like… It was just so pointless. The whole trilogy is pointless now we have the final book. Just eurgh,

Primrose Everdeen – the Hunger games trilogy
I’m not gonna lie, I might have cried a bit when I read about what happens to Prim. Much like the ending of the Divergent series, I hated the ending of the Hunger Games and it all stemmed from this one action.

Remus Lupin – the Harry Potter series

There were a lot of characters I wish could have lived by the end of the series, but Remus and Tonks kinda hit me the hardest because, well, poor Teddy, poor Harry

I have been me, you have been you and this has been a very spoilery Top 5.


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