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#LoveThisQuote – Losing Kit


I’m not usually narcissistic enough to post quotes from my own novels/projects in this feature, but I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching this week and I’ve realised that there is much more of me in this book than I originally intended and I wanted to know, do any other writers regularly disguise themselves in their stories intentionally or not?
When people first read my first full length novel, the majority of them commented on how one character was blatantly me, but she really wasn’t. This one though, this one is very much me even though I didn’t mean him to be. Is this a thing other writers do?


5 thoughts on “#LoveThisQuote – Losing Kit”

  1. I think we can’t help but insert ourselves into our writing, regardless if its a personal blog, fiction, or a paper for school. I think we have to in order to even begin writing in the first place.

    I had a character who was really closed off, and through the story you discover more about him. What was interesting was that while the reader was learning more about him, I, as the writer, was too. I didn’t plan for his development to go the way it did, but it happened anyways.

    Looking back on it, the development that came out of that character really reflected a lot on my own personality.

    1. I find that with characters sometimes too! I’m glad it isn’t hugely egotistical to accidentally write yourselves into your stories… I really didn’t intend to make a character basically me, but it happened anyway!

  2. First long thing I ever wrote (can I be so pretentious as to use the word novel for an unpublished draft?) (no) featured three first person narratives loosely stitched together into something resembling a story. All three wildly different characters were me. No invention whatsoever just different aspects of my past, differing people I’ve been.
    Is it a good or bad thing? Couldn’t tell you. It worked for me and amused me to think how many different people I’ve been in my life. For fun my new story is populated by people I know juxtaposed with inventions.

    1. See this makes me feel a bit better about it. It’s just a shame that the particular character that has ended up being me is a writer who doesn’t know how to adult and is in the middle of an existential crisis!

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