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In November I read…

My reading this month really fell by the wayside, this month has been mythical retellings month, but it it’s also NANOWRIMO and 6 Week Challenge time, so my free time is severely lacking!!

boomBoomerang – Noelle August
I’ve never really gotten into New Adult, everything in the genre I’ve read so far has been so bad, but this was recommended to me and I actually really enjoyed it, it’s well written with two different voices that actually sounded different, hella flirty, adorable characters and of course, there is sexy time in it, but not so much that you’re wanting to cover your eyes and complain about how fictional characters have a better love life than you. If you’re new to New Adult or you’re bored of all the bad New Adult that’s out there, then give this a try.

percyPercy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – Rick Riordon
I’m majorly late to the Percy Jackson party, it’s been on my tbr list for what feels like an eternity and now that it’s mythical retellings month, I thought it was about bloody time that I got on it. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that impressed with the narration, and while I know that it is aimed at a much younger audience, I think that writing should be engaging whatever the age and I just was not sold on this, not the same way that I am with Harry Potter or Artemis Fowl. I’m hoping that the next few in the series are better.

dreamlessDreamless – Josephine Angelini
I read Starcrossed an age ago and I remember really loving it, the whole premise is based around Greek mythology, so I thought I’d get on the sequels. This, much like the first one, is basically Twilight, but with Greek Gods instead of vampires. I really liked the first book (Actually, I quite liked the first Twilight book too, sorry I’m not sorry), this one had a little more action in it and Helen got to kick some ass which was good. I just don’t understand why none of the characters understand simple maths… Like… If someone dies two years before you’re born, it’s really rather unlikely that they’re you’re father. Just saying.

prisoner 1Prisoner of Night and Fog – Anne Blackman
I have wanted to read this forever, I was so excited when I found it on Bookbridgr! So thank you guys for sending me a copy!
As always when there is a book I desperately want to read, I prepared myself for disappointment, only to find that I didn’t need to be! This was all kinds of good, from the historical view point (its set in 1931), to the psycological analysis of Hitler, to the fact that its based in Germany where I was recently… It ticked a lot of boxes for me and though it wasn’t perfect, it kept me entertained from the first, to the last page. Review here.

glassThrone of Glass – Sarah J Maas
Now… I feel kinda bad about this, I met Sarah J Maas at the lit fest in Cheltenham last year and I found her to be a delightful person and it made me really excited to read her books, especially when so many of my favourite bloggers were raving about them. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like Throne of Glass all that much, it was an interesting concept and I loved the characters, I just found it really hard to get into and it became a little bit of a chore to read. I think I might come back to it next time I’m on holiday or something like that, maybe I wasn’t in the right headspace for it… I don’t know.

sister2My sister lives on the mantlepiece – Annabel Pitcher.
I read Ketchup Clouds a little while ago and loved it, so every time I saw this in Waterstones the bit of my brain that likes to own all the things battled with the other bit of my brain which is thrifty and doesn’t like to spend any money. Anyway, I finally found a copy that was reasonably priced and added it to my collection, just like Ketchup Clouds it made me feel all the things and was every bit as incredibly written. Both books tackled some really difficult subjects with sensitivity and panache. I can’t recommend her enough as an author, I didn’t review Ketchup Clouds because spoilers, but I did review this. You can find it here.

soliSolitaire – Alice Osman
A book by someone who uses tumblr about being a fangirl with social anxiety? Like I needed someone to give me this book yesterday.
Although it took me a while to get into this, Tori is very closed off and believes that she’s quite dull and the narration is incredibly serious, but as the story progressed and we found out more about her brother, Charlie, and more about Tori herself I got a little bit addicted. The whole Solitaire storyline, the realisation that the people you became friends with by default at school aren’t really good for you and the fact that Tori is the product of tumblr (she mentions Destiel and Klaine – mention my OTPs and you get my attention) are all really great and if you too are an awkward, sarcastic asshole who hates people but also hates being alone, then this is the book for you.




This month was mythological retellings and I read the first Percy Jackson novel, which I was a little disappointed with and Dreamless, which wasn’t as enjoyable as the first book in the series, but fun nonetheless! I knew from the start that this genre was going to be a difficult one for me, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so hard to track down books retelling myths! I had been recommended some Joanne Harris novels, but I couldn’t find a single one in my local library. What’s up with that! I do want to keep reading this genre though, so if you know of any titles and where to find them, please let me know!


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