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Great Bookish Bakeoff – Gingerbread people!



The cakes I bake and the books I read while baking them. 


This time we are baking with a difference!
Every previous attempt to make gingerbread has gone terribly wrong for me, I’ve always ended up making cake instead of biscuit dough, this time though, I was in possession of my grandfather’s cook book (he used to make me and my brothers gingerbread all the time), a video camera and two friends, for this baking endeavour was part of the 6 week challenge. For those that have no idea what the 6 week challenge is, head here. For the rest of you, I’m sorry I keep mentioning it. This year my challenge is refreshing my memory with video editing, I did gloss over it a bit at uni, but I haven’t really done much of it since then, so I thought it would be good to get back into it. Hence me becoming an unsuccessful youtuber. Yay. Amber’s challenge is to learn how to cook, so the two of us decided on the seasonal treat of gingerbread. The two of us, armed with a video camera being operated by Pete settled on conquering our challenges!

Things you will need:
A bowl
A saucepan
A wooden spoon
A set of scales
125g plain flour
25g butter (we used lactose free butter)
a sprinkle of cinnamon
a sprinkle of ground ginger
two table spoons of golden syrup
A tea spoon of milk
50g brown sugar
Some hetronormative shape cutters
Drawing icing.
Optional things include books for your chilling and baking periods. Or perhaps some friends and a video camera.

Firstly, sift the flour, weigh it out and put into the bowl with the ginger and cinnamon. I’m  a bit of a cinnamon fiend so I sprinkled a liberal amount in there. Leave all of that to the side for the moment and weigh out the sugar and butter, pour these into the saucepan and add the golden syrup, heat this over a low heat and stir until melted and smooth.
Leave that to cool and then pour into the flour and spices, add the milk and stir until you get a stiff dough. Start kneading with your hands and shape into a ball.

Wrap the dough in cling film and put in the fridge for half an hour. My recipe book actually says the words: Chill for half an hour. Honestly, with the camera being on and the pressure of actually getting this right, I didn’t feel particularly chilled. Amber and Pete seemed fairly relaxed though, so at least a few of us did what we were instructed. Once the chilling period was over, we rolled out our dough (we did at least successfully make dough! yaaaay!) for some reason, there seemed to be much less dough than we anticipated, we only managed to get five ginger bread people out of the dough, but still. GINGERBREAD HAPPENED.
Our creations became slightly mangled in the trip from the work top to the baking tray, so… Be careful! They were stuck in the oven for about 20 mins of 160 degrees. This resulted in Amber and I choreographing a “the ginger is in the oven” dance. You of course can read or wash up…. Or you know…. Anything.
Once the cooking was completed, we let them cool and then decorated them, our initial aim was to create fellow Somer Valley FM presenters, but we ended up making a snake like Lord Voldemort and the members of One Direction. Ooops.

To see our attempt at making gingerbread, see the video below!!

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