what leah wore

What Leah Wore – one, two, three, four, I declare a time war.


Howdy friend and welcome to another edition of What Leah Wore, the feature where I get to show off another great love of my life, geeky clothing! Today’s post features my good friend Chris Loveder, who I recently wrote a supernatural detective novel with about a jazz, funk fusion front man. Check it out by heading to the My Books tab up there!


You’ll know from other posts like this, that I love a good fandom cross over and how could I possibly resist a Doctor Who/Star Wars cross over!
Chris and I were in the middle of presenting a radio show when this was taken, it was a shirt so good we both had to buy it and present a radio show in it! We’re hoping to film the Doctor Who tag together soon, which I think is gonna be hella fun!

Today I had a traumatic experience where I got stuck in a field on my way to do some photos. It was like being in Slenderman. I ended up being saved by some angry looking farmers and then I burned my soup at lunch. I must be the only person in the world that manages to burn soup. I’m off to do some filming for work at the local Christmas lights switch on, so I’m expecting something else horrible to happen to me!

T shirt – qwertee
Chris – @krisskarnage79



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