Top 5

Top 5….

Family members.

You know, my family are pretty awesome already, but if I ended up in book land and needed some new relatives, these would be the five I would want.

#5 – Sherlock Holmes
He would be the worst person if you wanted a big brother or crazy uncle that would remember your birthday etc, but if you were ever in need of assistance or had a particularly difficult puzzle to solve, I’d love to call in some family favours. Also, if you ever had a date, Sherlock would be the man to tell you whether or not they were worth spending time with.

#4 Dash – Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares
I wish Dash were my brother. like for realsies. He’s pretentious beyond belief, but that’s because he thinks he’s clever and cultured and he cares about fine literature and not being a douche bag. I think he and I would get on rather well, we could give each other book recs and sit at the back at parties and judge everyone.

#Atticus Finch – To Kill a Mocking bird
Best dad ever.

#2 Mrs Weasley – Harry Potter
Mrs Weasley is like the ultimate mum. Nuff said.

#1 Bridget Jones – Bridget Jones’ Diary
Whether she was your kooky sister or a cousin, I think Bridget and I would get on famously, we could share embarrassing horror stories.

What do you guys think? Who would be your fictional family members?


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