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Great British Bakeoff – Red Velvet Brownies



The cakes I bake and the books I read while baking them.




I’ve never made red velvet cake/cupcakes before, maybe I should have made it on it’s own before doing random experiments with it, but I saw this on the Sorted food app – which has been a godsend when it comes to trying to get inspiration for new things to make, and I thought (rightfully so) “gosh, they look amazing” so I went for it anyway.

Things you will need:

For the Brownies:
4 ounces of chopped chocolate
227g butter (I used the lactose free version of stork)
400g brown sugar
4 eggs
128g self raising flour
For the red velvet:
150g flour
150g sugar
2 eggs
75ml vegetable oil
2 table spoons coco powder
red food colouring.
A scale
A blender
A tray

And the book of your choice. I was reading Hemlock Grove at the time.

So, first things first, make the brownie mix.
Melt the chocolate (or your chocolate substitute), either in a microwave or over the hob. While that’s melting, mix the butter (or butter sub) and brown sugar, beat in the eggs, once that looks goopy and a bit mank, mix in the melted chocolate, add flour and mix together.
Put that aside for the moment and grease your tray with a sprinkle of flour over the top to make sure that nothing sticks to the tray at the end. Worst case scenario, the whole thing breaks the moment you try and get it out of the tray. Once that is done, pour the brownie mix into the tray and leave that for a moment.
If need be, this would be a good time to do some washing up, particularly if you’re using the same blenders etc, once you’re all sorted and ready to go, start on the red velvet mix. This is the first time I’ve ever done this and although I really enjoyed the outcome, I think the cake is supposed to be a little smoother and I’ve heard that condensed milk and butter milk are used usually, but you know… I do what I want.

So, red velvet, mix sugar, flour, egg and oil together first, then add the food colouring and coco powder and mix together until it looks like a sort of reddish cake mix, by this time, the brownie mix should have solidified a little, so when you pour the red velvet cake batter on top, it shouldn’t mix together too much. Pour and spread over the top until the brownie mix is covered and pop into the oven for 30 mins, making sure to turn half way through. So, you have about fifteen minute intervals in which to read the book of your choice. I was reading Hemlock Grove, mostly because I kind of love the TV show, but also because it was paranormal month when I made these!

It’s a very peculiar book, and a very peculiar tv show, but its one of those things that is so bad it’s a little bit good.
But you don’t want to hear about that, instead, let’s talk about these red velvet brownies because though I have never made red velvet cake before, I think I may have stumbled across something a bit incredible with these.
So, when they’re done, let them cool for a bit and then cut into squares and if you can reign in the excitement long enough, get them onto plates and share them around. I was going to ice them, but they are sweet enough as it is and the icing might be a bit much, I’ll leave it up to you guys, but anyway, the red velvet is so smooth and has such a lovely texture that it goes so well with the brownie which is dense and gooey OH DEAR GOD IT’S LIKE A TASTE EXPLOSION.

I want to know if anyone else gives these a go and what you think of them!


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