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In December I read…

It’s the last month of the book genre challenge! I don’t know if I’m sad or excited about this. I guess in a way, it’ll be a shame because I don’t want to fall back into only reading the same genre over and over again, but at the same time, it’ll be nice to pick something up because I like the sound of it, rather than the need to fullfill my challenge. If anyone can think of a good reading challenge for me for next year, I would love to hear about it though!

girl onlineGirl Online – Zoe Sugg (or was it?)
This month was romance, but as you will see from this post, I kind of needed to read Girl Online because I had so many conflicting feelings on it. Like I said at the time, I don’t have anything against Zoella/Zoe Sugg/ Whatever you want to call her, but I do have a major problem with books being published based on the author’s popularity rather than the quality of the writing. Girl Online isn’t a terrible book, far from it, but it also isn’t brilliant, it’s average at best and honestly, I could have forgiven that if it was the first attempt of writing that Zoe has ever done. But knowing it was written by a professional writer, it really should have been better. There was a minor character called Leah in it though, and ya’ll know how much I love it when I find characters called Leah!

1010 things I’ve learned about love – Sarah Butler
I picked this up because this month is all about romance and I assumed that a book with the word love in the title would be all about romance, but it was a different kind of love altogether. The story is told from alternating points of view interspersed with lists of 10 things on certain subjects. While I enjoyed it, the lists did get a bit boring very quickly and there were elements of Daniel’s story which were bordering on creepy. But, an enjoyable read nonetheless and something that would be perfect for a beach read.

inconInconceivable – Ben Elton
I always use this book as an example of when films end up being a bit better than their bookish counterparts. I’m a big fan of Ben Elton’s writing style and this book is objectively a humourous look at a distressing situation, but at least in the film, Lucy is a 3d character and Sam actually appears to be in love with her, despite the stupid mistake that he makes. Inconceivable is a good way to get into Ben Elton’s back catelogue, but if you are an ardent feminist (like myself) you might be a bit better off skipping the book and heading straight for the film. Plus, it’s Hugh Laurie and he can make even the most dislikable characters likeable.

rosieThe Rosie Effect – Graeme Stinson
I read the Rosie Project back last year (review here) and really enjoyed it, though I wasn’t entirely sure that a sequel was necessary, I was excited to see more of Don and Rosie’s life after the end of the last book. Having now read it, I’m still not convinced that we needed a sequel, but we do need more books about people like Don and so I’m not going to turn my nose up. Just as enjoyable as the last with more endearing awkward situations for Don to get himself stuck into and kind of perfect for romance month!

everyEverything Leads to You – Nina La Cour
A sweet little lesbian love story (I haven’t read any LGBT fiction in so long!) it’s set in LA and is about super young kids who some how manage to all have amazing jobs working in Hollywood which took me a little while to start believing, but the slow burning romance is lovely and honestly, when I started romance month for the book genre challenge, this was exactly the sort of romance I was hoping for, so four for me Leah Coco, you go Leah Coco!

islaIsla and the Happily Ever After – Stephanie Perkins
I made no secret of how much I loved Anna and how little I loved Lola, but despite that, I was still eagerly anticipating the release of Isla. I think its because i’m a bit in love with Stephanie Perkins. Anyway, I got Isla and as it was romance month, I thought it would be the perfect time to read it. I have to say, though i enjoyed it more than lola (the Parisian setting will always be my favourite) it was no where near the standard of Anna. Both Isla and Josh were a bit meh, their romance was a bit meh and the conflict was so convoluted it might as well have just not been there. It did make me want to run of to Barcelona though, so props for that! (Also, right, why did they have to change the covers for the release of this book? NOW NONE OF THE COVERS MATCH.)

loveLove in the time of Global Warming – Francesca Lia Block
I have wanted to read this ever since I first saw it grace my tumblr dashboard, after many long months searching, I finally found that the kindle store were giving away the first five chapters free and well, after reading those, I had no qualms about paying the extra £2 something for the rest of the book. FLB’s writing style seems to polarise most readers according to goodreads, but i thought it was beautiful and melodic and I particularly enjoyed all the diverse representation.

heirThe Midnight Heir – Cassandra Clare
I saw that the Bane Chronicles was out now and realised I had a load of these that I hadn’t read, that and I really wanted to reach my goal of 100 books this year! So I cracked into this one, I can’t say that my life has been benefited greatly from it! I was excited to return to the life of Will Herondale, my special snowflake, though. Like Magnus, I have a weakness for Will Herondale.

riseThe Rise of the Hotel Dumort – Cassandra Clare
See above.
Not brilliant, but not the worst of the Bane Chronicles I’ve read. I just think it’s become a little bit like Cassandra Clare is writing fanfic of her own books now. I guess I’m bored of Magnus and the shadow hunters, I want something new. I am still tempted by the Bane Chronicles anthology though…



This is the last month in the book genre challenge! The month of December was all about romance!
This books that featured romantic story lines that i read this month were: Girl Online, Inconceivable, The Rosie Effect, Everything Leads to You and Isla and the Happy Ever After.
I’ve really enjoyed this book genre challenge next year, but I am looking forward to not being quite so contained with what i can read next year! Also, I have to thank Cassandra Clare for writing her own fanfics, because without the very short editions of Magnus Bane’s adventures, I would not have completed my goodreads challenge this time!



2 thoughts on “In December I read…”

  1. The only one I’ve read on your list is The Rosie Effect and I have to say not only did the first book leave plenty of space for sequels but I enjoyed the second book every bit as much as the first. I’m hoping for a third next year!

    The only other line in your otherwise fascinating and erudite bloggage that leapt from the page and made me drop my Parma Violets was “when films end up being a bit better than their bookish counterparts” as if this is an actual thing! How you like to tease us. A film simply cannot be better than the book, come on Leah stop toying with us.

    The only way it might work is if you took a truly appalling book like, say, Gone Girl and made a short silent film with no actors or dialogue. This would still make better watching than the book made for good reading.

  2. I agree it isn’t often that films are better than books, but you’ll know what I mean after you’ve read Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and then watched the film, the film is loads better! I just found the film version of Inconceivable to be a bit less… Sexist I suppose, but there is the irony that the characters in the book moan that they can’t write female characters properly.
    Glad I wasn’t the only one who hated Gone Girl. I wanted to rip it from the hands of those around me and through it under every passing vehicle!

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