Great Bookish Bakeoff

Great Bookish Bakeoff – Mini Victoria Sandwiches



The cakes I bake and the books I read while baking them. 


Truly terrible photo there Leah, no one would guess that you take photos for a living would they?
Anyway, hello and welcome to yet another Bake Off related post.

Things you will need:
Individual cake tins
100g self raising flour
100g butter (I used lactose free stork)
100g sugar
1 egg
250g icing sugar
50g butter
2 table spoons marshmallow fluff
Several spoonfuls of jam
Some scales
Mixing equipment
The book of your choice – I had just started reading Point Pleasant, which is actual published Destiel fan fic and oh dear God, only two chapters in and I already loved it.

So, to start off, I used mini silicone cake tins, these I greased with a little butter and then sprinkled a bit of flour over the top, because I really don’t trust silicone! Those I set to the side for later, while I weighed out my butter and sugar and creamed those together for a bit. Into that I added an egg and mixed and then, lastly the flour. This concoction gets mixed for a bit longer until it stops looking lumpy and starts looking like cake batter. I scooped three heaped spoons of the mix into each of my six silicone cake thingies, set my new timer for 25 minutes and put them in the oven on 180 degrees. When that was all done, I took a look at the washing up on the side that I had accumulated and decided to sit down with my book instead.

Like I said earlier, I was reading a book called Point Pleasant, which started out life as a piece of Destiel fanfiction and was so good that it was published. Let me tell you, it is pretty bloody good. I don’t read an awful lot of fanfic, but I do read an awful lot of books and sometimes I find that fanfic is just… Better. Unless of course, we’re talking about Fifty Shades. So this was like a double whammy of awesome, because it was fanfic that was better than most books, but in an actual book. Plus Destiel. My OTP5eva.


Obviously the names were changed for publication, but it’s still obvious who is Dean and who is Cas and urgh. I will go down with this ship.
Anyway, apart from being about supernatural boyfriends, Point Pleasant is actually well good and was the perfect thing to start off Paranormal Month in the Book Genre Challenge I was doing all last year. I got through about 2 chapters during my 25 minutes. Once the buzzer went off, I checked my little cakes were all cooked and got them out the oven and their little silicone prisons to cool, giving me time to return to Dean and Cas, sorry, Ben and Nicholas, for a little while longer. Not too long though, because I had assembling to do.

Once the cakes are suitably cool, get yourself a pot of jam – I used strawberry – and spread liberally over the tops of halves of your mini cakes. Then get icing sugar and the remaining butter and mix this together. Once it looks less solid than it once did, add in your marshmallow fluff (seriously, you can thank me later) and mix until you end up with something pale and creamy. Using a clean spoon, dollop a bit on top of the jam and carefully spread out, then, once suitably covered, place your remaining cakes on top of the jam, icing, sponge tower.
The rest of the icing then goes into a piping bag if you’re clever enough to work out how one of those works, or, if you’re like me and cannot for the life of you pipe using a piping bag, then fill up your icing syringe, I used a 2B nozzle, but you can use whichever one most appeals to you. I’ve always been proper crap at cake decoration, I’m not particularly arty and like I say, piping bags man. I just don’t get it. So one of my birthday presents this year was an icing syringe, you put whatever nozzle you need at one end, fill it with icing, attach the plunger and syringe that all over your cakes. It’s so simple doing it this way guys!! Decorate your tops however you see fit, I was experimenting a bit, so each of mine look slightly different.

Then you are done! Arrange them on a nice doily or cake stand or something and serve with fresh strawberries to really impress. Or just tip them all into your face. Either one works.


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