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Top 5….

I don’t often stray away from fiction, I like reading about make believe worlds, that’s sort of the point of why I read, so that I don’t have to exist in real life. Ocassionally, I delve into the realms of autobiographies and these are my top five.

Elephant to Hollywood – Michael Caine.
If you don’t like Michael Caine then I am afraid you are wrong. I was a little skeptical at picking this up because the worst thing about celebrity autobiographies is name dropping, but honestly, this was just about a kid from East London who decided to be an actor and it worked out quite well for him. Most of the book is about things he likes to cook and gardening and that sort of thing, so I thought I would include it, because it makes Michael Caine sound like my grandad.

Nerd do Well – Simon Pegg
Guys,  I love Simon Pegg, he wrote Spaced which is the single best thing to have ever graced my television set ever. This book, although is an autobiography really does show that Simon Pegg is a marvellous writer and the story of him growing up and becoming the super famous person he is now, has a comic book running alongside which features Simon as a super hero defending the world from evil. Utter genius.

A Moveable Feast – Ernest Hemingway
I LOVE Hemingway’s autobiography of sorts about his time living in Paris. The city is almost a character in itself and after visiting the city, I can see why so many people flocked there to write and party. Also, Ernest Hemingway was putting this collection together around the time that he committed suicide which makes it all the more tragic and an endlessly interesting look at his life.

Someday, Someday, Maybe – Lauren Graham
Actual Lorelei Gilmore wrote a book and it’s a semi autobiographical look at her life as a struggling actor living in NYC. It’s funny and charming and heart breaking and you spend the entire time rooting for this girl who has one dream and every obstical imaginable standing in her way.

On the road – Jack Kerouac
Again, this is semi autobiographical about Jack’s travels around America with his buddies, I feel like it should be required reading once you get to the age of seventeen!

I really want to get more into non fiction books, I’m sure I’m missing out on a plethora of wonderful texts all because of my love for fiction and I think autobiographies, biographies and memoirs are probably the way to go in bridging the gap. I’d love to read more about Charlie Chaplin and of course, the Fitzgeralds, so if anyone can recommend me any memoirs, I’d be grateful! Honourable mentions have to go to a few that didn’t make it onto this list, notably, Moab is my washpot – Stephen Fry, A Glamorously Unglamorous life – Julia Albain, Me:Moir – Vic Reeves and Lucky Man – Michael J Fox.



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