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My bookish identity revealed

I found this Bookish Identity Tag whilst scrolling though my reader and thought – wow! That looks like fun and I haven’t done a tag on here for a really long time, let’s do this! I was considering doing it as a video because I YouTube now… In fact, I think I would do virtually anything to get YouTube famous enough for Dan Howell to notice me… What gets views these days?
Anyway, tag… I’m not going to tag anyone this time, if you wanna join in, do it! Let’s see how alike we are!

1) Which dystopian/ fantastical world would you live in? 
See, here’s the thing, most dystopian and fantastical worlds have rather horrible things going on… I’m not sure there are any that I would like, really love to live in… I guess I’ll say the magical world from Harry Potter, but honestly, even that is full of corruption, a horrific class system and vague racism, so I’m not entirely sure that it’s for me… Even after Voldemort pops his clogs.

2) Who would your partner be? 
Romantic partner? Partner in crime? Bit of a vague question there. I’ll just go ahead and say I want Simon Lewis to be around me in whatever capacity.

3) Who would your Godly mother/father be from Percy Jackson?
*Prepares self for lynching* I’ve only read one Percy Jackson book and I didn’t like it…. So… I haven’t really met that many of the Gods that appear in the story. I guess if I had to chose one it would be Hermes, at least that way I would get my post on time.

4) Would you rather be a Downworlder or a Nephlim from The Mortal Instruments/ The Infernal Devices?
I’ll go with Downworlder… I mean, I know some of them are evil and all, but the Nephilims do have a few very odd ideas about society and a rather inflated sense of importance. Some of them are ok, like Will Herondale is my special snowflake and Isobel Lighwood is my BAE, but like the rest of them I couldn’t really care that much about.

5) Which Hogwarts house would you be in?
I am a Slytherin and proud.

6) Which faction would you be in from Divergent?
Ah, Divergent, a book I enjoyed until the final one in the series destroyed everything. I have a lot of feelings about Divergent. So, here’s the thing, I would probably actually be Divergent because unlike the rather stunted folk in the book, I’m 3-Dimensional and have more than one personality trait. So… I’ve pretty much resigned myself to being hated by society in every way if I’m a Slytherin Divergent Downworlder!

7) What would you daemon be from His Dark Materials?
OH GOD. I would love to have a dragon or a capybara or a red panda or something like that, but it would probably be a cat because daemons are supposed to reflect their human counterparts and all I do is eat, sleep and look judgemental. Like a cat.

So there we have it, my bookish identity.
Apparently I am a witch who attended Hogwarts in the Slytherin house (which fits with being a downworlder), is in some kind of relationship with Simon Lewis, is the daughter of Hermes, has multiple notable traits in my personality and is followed around by a cat. Just further enforcing the witchy stereotype. Awesome!!

If anyone else chooses to do this, please link me to it, I’d love to see your answers!


4 thoughts on “My bookish identity revealed”

  1. I LOVE RED PANDAS TOO. THEY ARE SO CUTE. That’s an awesome idea for a daemon.
    I’ve always said that my daemon would probably be a cat too, mostly because I’m so damn contrary, but I also have a good sense of balance and several other cat traits. Although now I think about it, maybe my daemon should be an owl because I’m basically nocturnal. 😛

    Great post! This was fun.

      1. I would, but I’m so behind on review at the moment, it’s ridiculous!

        But for your general knowledge I am a Hufflepuff…and a Slytherin…and a Ravenclaw AND Gryffindor why? BECAUSE I’M DIVERGENT. LIKE YOU.

        Lol, I crack myself up. 😛

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