#LoveThisQuote – Falling into Place



So let me tell you guys a little story. I had just finished Veronica Mars and started scrolling through my kindle and found this book that I had downloaded FOREVER ago and had never gotten around to reading called Falling Into Place. See, the thing is, a blogger I’m a bit in love with raved about it all last year and I downloaded it, but life etc got in the way. Anyway, here I am, 10 pm on a Saturday night (cos I’m totes rock and roll) I’m in bed and think to myself, I’ll just make a start on that book I was going to read ages ago and never got around to. OMG GUYS. I could not stop reading. This freaking book might be my new favourite book of all time, it’s so addictive and I loved every single thing about it, but this quote in particular stuck out to me.
Basically, this book is incredz and you all need it in your life, there is absolutely no way I could review it and do it justice, so you’re just going to have to trust me on this when I say how amazing it is.

A little warning for you all if you are planning to pick it up, a few trigger warnings that I haven’t seen other bloggers mention, but this is a story about suicide, there are mentions of parental death, car accidents, abortion, drugs and bullying. So, if any of those things are triggering for you, be warned that they feature. Other than that though, go forth and find this book. You will not regret it.


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