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January reads!

Another year may have passed and the title of this feature has gotten worse, but continue with it I will! I’ve decided this year, that although I am going to continue with the goodreads reading challenges and try to do 100 books again this year, I’m not going to try and bog myself down with any other blog challenges, I’ve done so many in recent years and although they were great at widening my reading habits, I did find them a little restricting, as I had to seek out certain genres or titles. I’m going to relax a little more this year, I will start the Rory Gilmore reading challenge at some point…. Probably, but I won’t pressurise myself to do it in a year. This year I am going to just read what I want, when I want to read it! So here is what I went with in January.

bf girlMy best friend’s girl – Dorothy Koomson
I thought it was time to a) do a reread and b) read something a bit lighter, so I grabbed this off the shelf. I love it when you reread something and end up with flashbacks of when you first read it, unfortunately for me, I first read this on a really dull Saturday shift when I worked in a shop and all I could think about was having to put it down every few pages to serve someone and attempt not to commit homicide. I feel like I don’t give Dorothy Koomson much credit as a writer, so it was nice to just sit down and enjoy it.

momentThe Moment – Claire Dyer
I picked this up as part of an offer in WH Smiths forever ago and never got around to reading it, the tagline on the front declares it to be this year’s One Day (not entirely sure when it was published… But it isn’t a 2015 publication) and though it did have some parallels, it was no where near as good as One Day. Though, I do love it when books feature places I’ve been before, most of this centred around Paddington Station – the pub upstairs in the train station is the setting for a very important part of the story and I spent an enjoyable hour and a bit there last time I was in London. The cover is hella pretty though.

underThe Understudy – David Nichols
I am a big fan of David Nichols’ other books and I really enjoyed this, right up until the end. Everything that I liked about Starter for Ten was there in the narration and the characters, especially Stephen, but when it got to the end I was just a little disappointed, it sort of made the whole story a little pointless, like, really? Stephen went through all that and not only did he not really learn anything from it, but it just sort of ended. Has anyone else read this? What did they think about it?

marly2Marly’s Ghost – David Levithan
I ADORE David Levithan. Like, seriously, he is my fave and although I didn’t dislike this and it had all the elements that his other books has, I didn’t like it as much as I did his other work. I’m not sure why, but it just felt a little off, even though I loved the concept and I thought it was very moving, but I don’t know… It just didn’t feel like it was up to his usual standard. Read my review here.

gooseGoose – Dawn O’Porter
As you can tell from this review from way back when, I loved Paper Aeroplanes, so I was super excited about reading Goose when it came out and catching up with Renee and Flo, but honestly, this didn’t have that same something that the first book did. Although I did really enjoy the story, like for serious, there are so few stories that are just about two people and their friendship, we’ve all been there when you’re a teenager and you’re working out who you are and how that person fits with those around you and it was refreshing to see two different perspectives at the idea of coming to the end of education and going to uni. But yeah, it just didn’t excite me as much as the first one.

veronicaVeronica Mars: Mr Kiss and Tell – Rob Thomas.
Guys, I am so gosh darn happy that this book exists! Back last year, my friend, after the release of the Veronica Mars movie, my friend informed me that the series was continuing in book form and then proceeded to lend me the first of the books. My good god, it was probably one of the best things I read all year, absolutely everything about it was perfection, the narration, the characterisation, the plot, just, it was quite literally flawless, so when I saw the sequel on netgalley I just had to have it, I would have transported myself to the publisher’s office and demanded it if need be. Thankfully it didn’t come to that, they sent it to me and OH GOD IT IS SO GOOD. LIKE I CAN’T EVEN. Check out my review here.

18163646 Falling into place – Amy Zhang
WOW. Just wow. I wanted to review this so hard, but convincing people to read a book when all you can do is yell WOW OMG I CAN’T EVEN is kinda hard. Basically, I sat down to read this and ended up staying up all night to finish it in five hours. Honestly, this is my favourite book of the year, it is all kinds of incredible. And the best part, the author is still in high school. WHAT THE HECK?

23454354 (1) Love Hurts – Malorie Blackman et al
This was an arc I was sent from netgalley, it’s an anthology of love stories written by a collection of some of the greatest YA authors none to man, such as Patrick Ness and Maureen Johnson. I was a little disappointed to be honest, but I think this would be the perfect valentines gift for someone, so if you want to get the book worm in your life something exciting, then check out my review here and maybe hit up your nearest book store.

lobsterLobsters – Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison
This was one of the books I mentioned in my last haul post, I was drawn to it because the only other book I’d ever read that featured lobsters on the front was the Rosie Project and I properly loved that. This however is a book for teenagers and has the tag line ‘a socially awkward love story’ I just want to say, that although the two main characters do have moments of awkwardness and get themselves into some cringeworthy situations (when I got to the bikini wax moment I literally thought I was going to die because of how hard I was cringing), they aren’t what I was describe as being socially awkward. They go to parties and festivals and end up pulling people, I am socially awkward, when I go to parties I sit in a corner on my own and can’t pull anyone because I’m socially awkward, so I was a little disappointed that the whole ‘socially awkward’ thing was being used as a quirky personality trait as opposed to a genuine anxiety problem, but hey ho. It is a sex positive book for teenagers, which gives it major kudos, though clearly the authors a bit behind the times because they still think that hymen breaking is a thing (it was never a thing) and the high ten at the end was super cute. So, basically, I liked it.

Anyone got any ideas for things that I can read next month?






2 thoughts on “January reads!”

  1. Definitely adding some of these books to my book list on goodreads. I’d never heard of any of these before so thank you!


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